Love a good DIY make every now and then? Well, I've got a great one for you! This mosaic side table will add instant style to any room throughout the house, and it couldn't be easier to make, thanks to self-adhesive peel-and-stick Smart Mosaic Tiles from Walls and Floors.



smart mosaics table


What you'll need:

- A side table (£7.99 from B&M)

- Smart Mosaic Tiles (Walls and Floors)

- A craft knife

- A paint brush

- Primer

- Spray paint - a colour of your choosing

- Sandpaper


Folding table from B and M


Step One: Get sandpapering!

Using the sandpaper, work your way over the surface and legs of the side table. This helps to break down any lacquer that may have been applied at the factory, and it will help your primer to stick!

sandpapering side table


Step Two: Prime your table!

Crack open the tin of primer and give the table a coating using the paintbrush. Add 1 or 2 coats, depending on the recommendations of the primer you're using. Leave this to dry for between 2 and 4 hours.


paint primer on table


Step Three: Spray painting time!

Once your primer is nice and dry, it's time to relocate! Grab your table and take it outdoors. You might want to put some newspaper beneath it to protect the patio.


side table outside


Shake the can of spray paint and apply a coating that covers the table completely. If the spray can recommends a second coating, go right ahead.


spray painting side table


Step Four: Apply the Smart Mosaic Tiles!

When you've left the spray paint coating for the suggested amount of time, you can bring the table back indoors. It's time to add the mosaics.


silver smart mosaic tiles


Take one of Smart Mosaics Tile sheets of your choosing, and sit it on the tabletop. Work out how many additional rows, if any, you'll need to the side of the initial sheet, and position the sheet accordingly, allowing a gap of equal measure around the outside. Mark the corners of your sheet onto the table top.


sticking smart mosaics


Peel a thin row of the backing off, and stick the exposed foam onto the table top; aligning it perfectly with your markings. Now, slowly peel off the backing, pressing the mosaic into the tabletop as you go.


Peel and stick smart mosaic tiles


Step Five: Add any extra mosaics!

If the initial sheet wasn't enough to cover the tabletop, don't panic - cutting additional sheets to size is easy. Simply use a craft knife to cut the required amount of rows.


cutting mosaic tiles with craft knife


Once you have your cut piece, use the same method as above to apply your additional mosaics to the tabletop; peeling and pressing as you go.


adding mosaic tiles to table


There you have it!

And that's it - your finished mosaic side table! Perfect for having beside your armchair in the living room, so you can park a slice of cake and a cuppa on it. Alternatively, you could make a couple, and have them as matching bedside tables. You can even have one in the hallway with a vase of flowers on it, to greet guests. The possibilities of these stylish, versatile little tables are endless!


mosaic tiles tea and cakesmart mosaic tiles table

smart mosaics


So which Smart Mosaic Tiles will you be using? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Instagram!




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