Make Your Living Room Fabulously Festive this Christmas

christmas living room festive

Christmas is coming, and so are those festive guests, so it’s time to get those ho-ho-homes in order! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to help you get ready for the Christmas period. The living room is the area where you’re most likely to entertain your guests, so we’re going to start there. Here are some ideas for making your living room fabulously festive this Christmas…

Hygge: Do as the Danish do

Firstly, we need to talk about Hygge. It’s a Danish word, pronounced ‘hoo-gah’ and it’s being called the Nordic secret to happiness. It loosely translates to the word ‘cosiness’ and it’s all about making the most of winter by creating a warm, cosy ambience in your home, and enjoying quality time with friends and family – both indoors and outdoors.

hygge cosy living room

To create a ‘Hygge’ look in your living room, get candle-happy. Scatter candles everywhere. Introduce textured throws and cushions to your sofa; create a snugly space where you can get nice and toasty with a cup of cocoa. Swap those bright, glaring light bulbs for warmer, lower-wattage alternatives. Put a rug on a bare floor. Set up a cake stand of tasty pastries on the coffee table so that your guests can help themselves.

For more ideas on how to enjoy winter the Danish way, visit our blog: How To Hygge.

Re-light your fire

Winter is all about getting cosy; and there’s nothing warmer and snuglier than enjoying a cuppa and a mince pie in front of the fireplace. However, your fireplace may be in disarray, which would be an awful shame, given that a well-decorated and operational fireplace can act as the main focal point of a living room; particularly at Christmas time.

tiles fireplace

Bringing a fireplace up to date couldn’t be easier. All it takes is some new tiles on the surround, and some on the hearth! If you’ve got a wood burner, you can tile the alcove behind it with textured split face tiles, just like James did above. The warm glow of the fire really brings the texture to life! Here are 7 perfect tiles for your fireplace.

Real or no real: The Christmas tree dilemma

No festive living room would be complete without a Christmas tree! There’s an age-old argument about whether or not to get a real tree. Some love them for the smell, others hate them for the mess. If you’re against getting a real tree because of the blanket of needles that will cover your floor, then ask for a ‘non-drop’ one. If you keep it well watered, the needles really don’t drop. On the other hand, if you’re against getting an artificial tree because you simply adore the smell of a real tree, then you might like to know that, in B & M among other places, you can get pine-scented sticks that give your fake tree the aroma of a natural one!

copper christmas tree decorations

When it comes to dressing your tree, there’s one colour trend we’re mad about right now; and that’s copper. This warm metallic hue will certainly help you create that Hygge, cosy look in your lounge this winter. You can buy copper bauble sets from Wilko and Dunelm.

Got a small flat or apartment, and limited on space, so don’t have enough room for a full size tree with all the trimmings? You’ll love this ingenious print from IKEA. Hang it on the wall, pin decorations to it, and pile some prezzies at its feet!

Go analogue: Hide the tech this Christmas

With trends like Hygge dominating the lifestyle media, and series like Black Mirror showing us where we’re heading, it’s high time we went back in time to a period before we spent our lives glued to digital screens. A time before smart TVs, tablets, and iPhones. We’re so obsessed with our digital lives that we barely seem to talk to each other anymore – and our kids don’t engage with us as much.

girl playing board game

So why not ban tech from the living room this Christmas? Buy yourself a TV cabinet – one with doors that close over the screen; hiding it out of sight. Create a social hub, where you can actually talk to each other, and joke, and laugh, and create fantastic Christmas memories. Buy a nice big coffee table and bring out the board games! Pictionary, anyone?

Get creative with your flooring

As your guests step into your lounge this winter, one of the first things they’ll notice is the flooring; so want do you want them to look at? A drab, beaten carpet? Bloated, faded laminate? Bubbling, blistered lino? Or some fresh, sparkly, stylish floor tiles? Yes – we’d choose the latter, too.

Creating a statement floor is one sure-fire way of wowing your guests. It instantly injects character into an interior space, and catches the eye of anyone who steps into the room. Patterned tiles are perfect for piecing together a statement look; and the encaustic look is very on trend, making these Memoir Encaustic Effect Tiles a must-have for your festive living room.

memoir encaustic effect tiles

Alternatively, for a warmer, more traditional approach, you might fancy a wooden look when it comes to your flooring. Natural wooden flooring looks great, but it’s expensive, it scratches easily, and it requires ongoing sanding and waxing. That’s why designers and interior stylists are opting for realistic porcelain alternatives. These wood effect tiles will last you a lifetime.

wood effect tiles

There you go – some ideas for bringing your living room up to scratch this festive season. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas.

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