Marble Hexagon Tiles: Botanical Bedroom

If you visited the Ideal Home Show 2018, you’ll probably have spotted this stunning Botanical Bedroom!

One of the Good Homes Room Sets, this room promises your own gorgeous slice of Eden! Our marble hexagon tiles had a starring role.

A soothing scheme

The bedroom is the space where, at the end of a long and stressful day, we can lay back, rest and relax.

To aid with this process of calming down and unwinding, it helps to create a naturalistic atmosphere. Leafy plants and natural stones are perfect for achieving this soothing look, and our marble effect hexagon tiles create the perfect base!

A gorgeous alternative to natural marble

Made from durable porcelain, our marble hexagon tiles are extremely realistic. With their lifelike veining, they have all the charm and character of natural marble.

However, they do have some key differences from their natural counterpart. For one thing, they’re much more affordable. They’re also low maintenance, and don’t require all the treatment and sealing that natural marble requires.

Another huge positive, if you have children or pets, is that they’re more resistant to scratching and staining!


If you’re style-conscious, you’ll be happy to hear that these tiles tick off two major interior design trends!

Firstly, they cover the hexagonal trend, and they allow you to inject some six-sided style into your interior spaces.

Secondly, they cover the marble craze, by replicating this hugely in-demand stone! But why is marble so sought after? Well, we think it’s down to its veining. These characterful swishes help to create a unique and bespoke look on any wall or floor space. And the fact they’re in black and white helps to ensure they fit in perfectly with any colour scheme; monochromatic colours don’t clash with any other colour.

Easy to clean

Whilst it’s traditional to use carpets in the bedroom, tiles are actually far more hygienic, and they’re much easier to clean! Carpets trap hair, dust and other allergens, whereas with tiles, these annoy nasties sit on the surface, and wait for you to wipe them away with a wet cloth!

Also, if you like getting ready for a night out with a glass of red wine, and you accidentally tip it over whilst you’re dancing around to Spotify, you’re likely to ruin a carpet. But with tiles? Just mop it up, and you’re stain free!

If you’ve fallen in love with these Marble Effect Hexagon Tiles, and you’d like to take a closer look, why not order a sample tile? Click here.