Mixx Metro Tiles: Embrace the Mixed Material Trend!

mixx metro tiles

mixx metro tiles

Above: Mixx Concrete Oak Wood Tiles 


Looking for a fresh new look for your bathroom, kitchen, living area or bedroom?

One of the latest interior design trends is the idea of ‘mixed materials‘. This is as literal as it sounds – mixing together different materials with different characters to create an interesting look on your wall or floor space!

I think you’ll love these Mixx Metro Tiles – an exciting an stylish new range from Walls and Floors, which completely embraces this fabulous trend.


Mixed materials made easy

Taking on the format of a traditional metro tile, these tiles have a compact brick-shaped design, but with a unique and trendy twist! The main face has the appearance of one material, whilst the bevelled edge takes on the appearance of another.


Above: Mixx Concrete Oak Wood Tiles 


In the Mixx Concrete Oak Wood Tiles pictured, for example, the tile’s main surface has a moody concrete effect look (a favourite when creating an industrial look in an interior area). The bevelled edge, though, has a light oak wood effect design; alive with realistic wood grain.

They measure 200x100x7mm and have a naturalistic matt finish.

There are two other tiles in the range, with a mix of marble and wooden finishes! Go and check them out.


Perfect for use throughout the home

Because they’re made from ceramic, they’re light and easy to cut, so they’re perfect for transforming the wall spaces throughout your home!

Long gone are the days when tiles are limited to use in the bathroom and kitchen. Thanks to the latest printing technology, and the fact tiles are able to keep up with the latest interior trends and looks, you’d be missing out if you didn’t incorporate tiles into the other rooms in the house, too!


Above: Mixx Concrete Oak Wood Tiles 


Whilst they would look fantastic ceiling-to-floor in a bathroom, and whilst they’d make for a gorgeous and unique splashback in a kitchen, they’d also be great as a statement feature wall in a living room, dining room, or bedroom! You can either use them to line the walls of your hallway, at half-height, to guide your guests into your home!


Experiment with different patterns

One of the benefits of choosing slightly smaller tiles – particularly ones that are easy to cut – is the multitude of patterns and layouts they present.

Experiment, to see which one you like the most! You could try a herringbone design, like in the pictures above, or you could go for a traditional brick-bond layout. Alternatively, try stacking the tiles in linear columns.

And don’t think that, just because they’re brick tiles, they need to lay horizontal. Don’t be afraid to twist them around and fix them vertically!



Like what you see? Visit the range and order some sample tiles!



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