Name a range – Win a DIY Survival Kit!

Here at Walls and Floors, we love to receive ideas and suggestions from our customers. That’s why we’re giving you the chance to name one very special new range we’re adding to our site next week. Not only will the winning name be used on our website, but the person who thought it up will receive one of our popular DIY Survival Kits!

The return of the DIY Survival Kit

Following the success of our DIY Stories competition back in February, we are glad to announce the return of our handy DIY Survival Kits! In the kit, you will find everything you need to crack on with your DIY projects this #DIYweek.

It contains: a BAL mixing bucket (perfect for stirring up your tile adhesive and grout); a tile cutter for slicing through those wall and floor tiles; a £15 iTunes voucher for downloading some background music; tile spacers; a scorer; a sponge; latex gloves; a dust sheet for catching the mess; goggles for protecting your eyes; a handful of Easter goodies to munch on in your tea break; tea bags to make it a tea break in the first place; and coffee for those of you who aren’t tea fans.

Naming the range

Pictured below is the range we would like you to name! It’s a stunning new mosaic tile. Each piece has a different Moroccan-esque pattern on – creating a captivating patchwork effect. Some pieces have a floral design – others have an eye-catching geometric display. As you can see, the range consists of mostly warm colours – so that might give you some inspiration…

We’ll give extra points for giving a reason behind your name. Does it mean something in a different language? Have you merged two words together? Be creative! Submit your names to You can send as many as you like! You could send them to us on twitter, we’ll let you know what we think!

We will announce our favourite name and winner on Tuesday 22nd April at 5PM, and will arrange to have the DIY Survival Kit sent out to you! Good luck!


The #BunnyHop Hunt

This isn’t the only competition we’re running this #DIYmonth! Throughout the whole of April, we’re also hosting our fantastic #BunnyHop Hunt! Follow the clues, find the bunnies, collect the letters and submit your answer, and you could win a £100 voucher and a selection of yummy Easter goodies! Click the pic to get started:


What do you think to our competitions? Will you be taking part? Have you already taken part? What type of competition you would like us to host? Let us know over on Facebook, twitter and Google+. Better still, leave a comment below! We love hearing from you!



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