Natural Wood Effect Tiles from Walls and Floors

2013 is the year of natural wood-effect flooring. But there are a couple of problems with natural wooden floors. Firstly, when we rip up our carpets or our lino, we’ll find that our floorboards are discoloured and covered in filth. They need sanding down, and waxing. This takes an enormous amount of time, effort and money. And after all of that, we then arrive at our second dilemma; wooden floors mark extremely easily. Pull a metal chair leg across one, and it’s scratched for life.

The solution? Natural Wood Effect Tiles from Walls and Floors. They’re more durable than wood. They’re more environmentally friendly – no trees are cut down to produce them. And they allow for another popular 2013 trend – Underfloor Tile Heating.

But which wood effect tile to choose? Well, they don’t come any more realistic than this Oak Effect Tile. It has a highly detailed wood design on its skin, and it’s textured too. They have knots and crevices in the surface of the tile, exactly like natural wood.

This tile features in the latest issue of Grand Designs Magazine.

So, in summary, when going for the natural wood effect this year, you can’t do much better than the Oak Effect Tile.



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