New Coracle: An Introduction to the Trend

new coracle coastal trend

new coracle coastal trend


Here at Walls and Floors, we’ve just launched our 4 interior trends for 2018! This is an introduction to trend number four, New Coracle, where we’ll tell you a bit about the trend, and how to achieve it in your home.


An explanation of New Coracle

Our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte explains the trend: ‘A revisited journey of coastal classics, New Coracle offers both tranquillity and harmony with an intimate Nordic touch. Endure a fresh approach on the Nautical cliché; organic materials are celebrated in tonal arrangements alongside an uplifting Mediterranean colour palette whilst simplified eastern references allure to a timeless setting with elegant impact – Flavour your home with the exotic.’

Fun fact: a coracle is a small, rounded boat. And that sets the theme for this trend – it’s a fresh take on the coastal / nautical look. Think whites, blues, seashells and rope.


3 amazing New Coracle looks


largo tiles

new coracle coastal trend


Explore our New Coracle tile collection

To make welcoming this refreshing nautical / coastal trend into your home even easier, we’ve created a collection of tiles that fit in perfectly with the look! No matter which space you’re decorating, you’ll find plenty of options for transforming those wall and floor spaces in our New Coracle tile collection.

Find out how to incorporate this trend, and our other 3 interior trends, in this fab free eBook…



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