Metro Tiles have been a prominent trend in the world of interior design for a while now. The mix of vintage and contemporary, combined with their sleek design and defined bevelled edges seems to capture the imagination of interior stylists all over the world.


boutique brick tiles


But classic bevelled metro tiles (made famous by the London Underground) aren't the only brick-shaped tile to create a stir recently.

Whilst the traditional Metro trend has been confidently strutting along, several other nifty little brick-shaped tile designs have popped up too - all just as unique, all with their own individual persona - and all just as effective at creating an eye-catching new look in your home. You can use the different designs and colours to achieve different effects in your home.



Create the Vintage Look

We've all heard of this fantastic interior trend; the idea of choosing vintage-styled materials and accessories to help recreate charm and character of yesteryear.

Bringing this look into your home is easy. Just create a classic, vintage backdrop - and maybe throw in the odd chair, coffee table, or cushion.

For the background, use soft, subtle colours that don't outweigh the rest of your room, but complement it instead. That's what our latest styles of brick-shaped tiles are perfect for.



With a bumpy, uneven surface, our Boutique Brick Tiles Collection (which has been nominated for best tile collection in the Your Home Awards) fully embraces the aged, vintage look demanded by this trend.

They come in an array of different colours, and have a shimmering gloss finish, which is great for catching the eye of your guests, whilst at the same time not stealing from the rest of the room. Combine some of the similar colours to create a varied, eye-catching patchwork!


metro tiles crackle


Our Antique Smooth Crackle Metro Tiles are equally perfect for bringing the classic, vintage look into your home. The surfaces are riddled with a broken, random crackle effect. The subtle bevelled edges slope downwards around the sides; adding a definitive grid of grooves to a wall space. Again, choose one solid colour, or mix similar tones.


Compact and Contemporary

If you want to create a captivating, strong and defined feature wall in your kitchen, bathroom or living area, then brick mosaic tiles are a good way to go. Arriving on mesh sheets to keep them in place whilst you stick them to the wall, there are various different styles of brick mosaic available.


Slate brick shaped tiles


For an exclusive, lavish and of-the-earth approach, go for a natural stone sheet. Our Desert Brick Mosaic Tiles - which are part of our selection of Quartzite Mosaic Tiles - are perfect for bringing the rich natural look into your home. The variety of shades, tones and textures will bring your wall spaces to life.


glass brick mosaic tiles


Alternatively, you could add a touch of glass! These striking Glass Mosaic Tiles have an eye-catching sheen, and come in a mix of different colours; from soft, subtle creams and greys, through to bold reds and greens. They will add a clean, smooth and sleek appearance to your walls.

There you have it - some brick-shaped alternatives to the classic metro tile, which are guaranteed to inject some style into your home this year.


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