Of Course You Can Stay This Christmas: 3 Weeks

In the Countdown to Christmas, we’re helping you transform your home one room at a time, to help you get it ready for your festive guests. Each week, we tackle a different room in the house. Last week, we looked at sprucing up the living area. We’ve also taken a look at cooking up a festive kitchen, and refreshing the bathroom. This week, we’re turning our attention to the spare room.

So it’s the Christmas break and your guests have come round for dinner. Maybe they’ve had a little too much wine and they’re unable to drive, or maybe the heavens have opened and the roads are blocked off by snow. But you hear the words ‘I don’t suppose we could stay over?’ Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say, ‘Of course you can stay’?

Sadly, the spare room can become a bit of a dumping ground for Christmas decorations, spare furniture and unwanted clothing. It quickly piles up – rendering that ‘spare room’ not quite so spare. So let’s get them in fighting shape; ready for any eventuality. It’s not just Christmas time when the spare room comes in handy, after all. If guests are visiting from afar for birthday parties, weddings or get togethers throughout the year, they’ll need a place to stay!

Time on our hands

A clock always makes for a great addition to any room. Not only is it handy, as it keeps your guests on time, but it can also add to the overall decor. If you’re going for a vintage look, use a classic, pastel-coloured clock. If you’re going for a minimalist look, use a small, compact clock. Try to get one that doesn’t tick too loudly, though. Nothing is more annoying than a constant ticking!

Bedroom alarm clock

Add some refreshments!

We’ve all been to hotels and bed and breakfasts. You aren’t expected to call every time you’d like a cup of tea or coffee and, in a guest’s house, you might feel like an irritant for constantly asking for this and that. Add a tray with a tea pot, some cups, a pot of sugar and tea bags / coffee sachets. This way, they can help themselves at their own leisure, and you won’t need to keep sticking the kettle on!

Bedroom tea tray

Add some personal touches

Aside from the tea tray, you don’t want the guest to feel too much like a hotel. Add some personal touches. A framed photo on the bedside table, or a welcoming teddy bear.

Floral attraction

Flowers are a great way to keep a room looking fresh and vibrant. Tulips are the perfect choice, if you’re looking for low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about arranging a nice bouquet. Simply cut the steps, plop them into a vase, and let them flop about.

Flowers in bedroom

Keep some essentials spare

As we mentioned earlier, not all sleep-overs are planned. Guests often end end staying over when they hadn’t planned to – so they won’t have brought any essentials with them. Think about what you’d need, if you had to stay over somewhere. Spare toothbrushes, tooth paste, a hair brush, etc.)

toothbrush in jar

Create a dressing area

This is one for lady guests. We all know that girls like to take their time getting ready – so why not create a dressing area for them? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a simple desk or table, with a chair and possibly a handheld mirror. Just somewhere they can sit and spend a bit of time putting their make-up on after a good night’s sleep.

Dressing table in bedroom

Add some entertainment

There’s nothing worse than staying over at someone’s house, retiring to bed when the host does, and then finding yourself wide awake in their spare room; scrolling through old apps on your dying phone; games you’ve grown tired of. Put some good books or magazines in the guest room. Something they can amuse themselves with.

Books in bedroom

Let there be light

A bedside light is an absolute must! Your guests can’t be expected to read their books under the gleaming ceiling light, can they? They need the soft, comforting glow of a lamp. There are some really stylish designs available.

Bedside table lamp

Mirror magic

Mirrors are very useful in spare rooms. Not only do they let your guests check how they look before venturing out, but they also make the room seem larger. They spread the light around, too, making it seem lighter in an interior setting.



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