Oh Buoy – Go Shanty Chic with some Nautical Niceties

With the Great British Summertime finally here, there’s nothing we like better than a trip to the seaside. A walk along the beach with the sand under our feet; taking in the sea air; tickled by that chilly oceanic breeze. Starfish washed up on the shore; clinging to the rocks. A towering lighthouse, sitting on the shoulder of a cliff, in the distance. And whilst we’re there, a visit to the harbour. The weathered mooring ropes wrapped around rusty bollards; the cockle-freckled boats bobbing softly on the water. The battered crabbing traps resting on deck, alongside the coiled chain and vast head of the anchor.

Coastal kitchen look

This mix of coastal beauty and sea-faring charm is the base of this season’s ‘Shanty Chic’ nautical trend. It culminates in a beach shack-style arrangement; with the best of both worlds – land and sea. It has the ropes, the anchors, the lifebelts, the helm wheels and compasses of the ship – the buoys, seahorses and starfish of the water, and the pebbles, lighthouses, beach huts and towels of the land. This mix – this wonderful cocktail of land and sea – creates a powerful nautical experience; perfectly tailored for a themed bathroom or bedroom.

Arctic whites and bubbling blues

The famous blue and white stripes that we associate with the maritime theme come from the uniforms of Navy sailors. They are the two main colours that have been adopted by 2014′s nautical trend. Thus, they are the perfect base tones for the wall and floor of your nautical-themed room.

For a light, woody, beach-hut-styled floor space, we recommend using our Vintage Wood Plank Tiles. They have an aged, textured appearance with a white-washed finish.


Alternatively, for something more striking and unique, try our atlas Wood Effect Tiles. They look like they could’ve come straight out of an olde Navy vessel!


For a blue counter-part, why not try some Metro 200×100 Tiles? Our light blue Euston Square Metro Tiles are perfect for creating a soft aquatic backdrop; ready to accessorize with your nautical goodies!


For something a little more varied and textured, reflecting the rugged roughness of the sea, try our Azul Patchwork Mosaic Tiles instead.


Charming Maritime Accessories

Now that you have your themed backdrop, it’s time to splash out on those special finishing touches. You’ll find plenty of ‘Shanty Chic’ nautical accessories across the web. Here are a few shining examples that won’t break the bank…


This Wooden Beach Sign is just £1.49 from Dunelm! Perfect for filling those blank wall spaces. Just hammer a nail into the the grout-line and hang it up.


Need a little extra storage space? That’s where this set of 3 Nautical Baskets comes in handy! They’re just £17.50 from House of Fraser. Complete with Navy stripes and some maritime print, they’re perfect for stowing things away! Line them up on a shelf, or sit them on the floor.


Hang your sailor outfit up on these fantastic, colourful Beach Hut Hooks! £5.00 from House of Fraser, they’ll bring the glitz of the seafront into your home.

What do you think of the ‘Shanty Chic’ nautical trend? Will be welcoming it into your home this Summer? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+. Better still, leave a comment below!



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