Our 10 Bathroom Design Ideas To Inspire Your Project

If you’re feeling bored of your same old bathroom, here are our top 10 design ideas for refreshing your space, bringing it back to life!

1 – Add Life to your Bathroom With House Plants

Inject some life into your space with a selection of house plants and greenery. House plants are a great way of implementing some depth and intrigue to your interior, whether they be real or fake. Real plants, however, hold great benefits, helping to purify the air and absorb excess moisture.

Bright neutral bathroom design using creams and whites, with multiple house plants throughout space.
Above, Eggshell White Matt Tiles

2 – Use Wall Art to Create Focal Points

Using wall art and prints is a great way of showing your personality and style in your space, accessorising your bathroom to meet your taste. Framed prints are popular and so easy to come by, as they are a massive trend in interior design at the moment.

All white bathroom with large leaf print above bath.
Above, Aleutian Mountain White Matt Tiles

3 – Accessorise Using Lighting Features

Bold and unique lighting features can double up as décor as well as a way of lightening up your space. Their practicality doesn’t always have to be a bigger priority than their aesthetic value. Play around with large and exciting light shades to fill your room with a flashy personality. Pay particular attention to the placement of your lighting, places like over the sink are important, so you have the perfect lighting to check yourself out in the mirror!

Neutral bathroom design with two sinks and single pendant lighting over sinks.
Above. Salon Porcelain White Matt Tiles

4 – Introduce Bold Patterns Into Your Bathroom

Be brave and implement daring patterns, whether it be on your walls, floors, or the accessories you bring into your space. Patterns can be a playful way of livening up your bathroom, adding individuality and letting your style shine through.

Bold green and white striped pattern bathroom with gold accessories.
Above, Osby Green Patterned Porcelain Tiles

5 – Create Luxury with Coloured Metal Hardware

Adding unconventionally coloured metal hardware, like black or gold, into your bathroom is a great way of inventing an opulent and eye-catching bathroom space, giving the appearance of expense and style. This can be further enhanced with the colours you use in the rest of your space, for example in the tiles and accessories.

View of wall behind bath using mint green tiles and copper metal hardware.
Above, Pickett Bevelled Mint Tiles

6 – Use Large Mirrors to Create the Illusion of a Bigger Bathroom

Small bathrooms are very common amongst home owners, but by adding in a large mirror, you can deceive the eye to believe your bathroom is much bigger than it really is. This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to making a small space appear larger!

Dark green bathroom patterned bathroom space with large circular mirror over sink.
Above, Gatsby Forest Tiles

7 – Get Creative with the Grout you Use in your Bathroom

By being brave and using a unique grout colour, you’ll be injecting copious amounts of personality and charm to your bathroom. It creates texture in an area that otherwise may not have any. Not only this, but a major selling point of coloured grout is that it conceals the dirt! So no more endless scrubbing to keep your white grout white.

Simple white brick bond tiles with black grout.
Above, Plush Antique Matt Tiles

8 – Use Wood Textures to Create Cosiness and Warmth

The calming and relaxing effects of wood can be used across the whole home, but in the bathroom it can create a spa like oasis, ensuring you have somewhere to unwind after a long and busy day. Decorate using larger pieces like our Wood Slat Décor Tiles below, or smaller more delicate pieces of wood décor to create this pleasant effect in your bathroom design.

Wood effect slabs over bath space accessorised with houseplants and greenery.
Above, Natures Way Wood Slat Décor Tiles

9 – Energise your Bathroom with Unique Shaped Tiles

Shaped tiles like hexagonal tiles are a trendy and decorative way of restoring what may be an otherwise boring space. They open up the opportunity to style and accessorise with complimentary interesting shapes to create modernity.

Close up shot of hexagonal blue and white striped flooring tiles.
Above, Tartan Ashened Wood Hexagon Tiles

10 – Maximise your Space with Storage

Storage spread throughout your bathroom can be a great way of ensuring you are making the most out of your space, and have somewhere to store all your bits and bobs that you might want to hide away.

Bathroom space using blue multi toned brick bond tiles, with under sink storage.
Above, Teal Rustic Metro Tiles

So there are our top 10 ideas for refreshing your bathroom design! Tag us in your take of these ideas on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard