We've got some exciting news! We've just released our new 2015 TV Advert! It's all about using tiles to Unlock Your Dream Home. The advert follows our butterfly as it travels through a home - showing you all the different types of tiles that can be used in the various rooms throughout the house. Watch here:


Unlock Your Dream Hallway

It's important to make a good first impression in that entrance hallway, as it's the first thing your guests see when they walk through your door! In our ad, we've used these stunning Keystone Tiles in the hallway! They're made using the latest inkjet technology - creating a perfect likeness of natural stone. Unlike natural stone, they don't require all that treatment and maintenance, and they're a fraction of the price.


keystone stone effect tiles


Unlock Your Dream Bathroom

Moving through into the bathroom, we've used the Vintage Wood Effect Tiles. Part of our designer Louisa Charlotte Collection, they're arranged in a crate-effect design; allowing for a welcome break from traditional wood effect planks. The anti-slip version is perfect for adding extra grip to those slippery bathroom floors. As shown in the pic, they go swimmingly with a vintage period bath tub!


vintage bathroom wood tiles


Unlock Your Dream Dining Area

Next, our ad moves through into the dining area, where we've used Vintage Wood Plank Tiles to decorate our walls and floors. They're realistic wood effect planks, with a white-washed finished. Light colours are perfect for making a room seem larger and brighter - which is exactly when you need, when it comes to refreshing an interior area. Creating a light backdrop to a room also allows you to change the colour and theme of your accessories to your heart's content!


vintage wood tiles dining room


Unlock Your Dream Garden

With the sunny Summer months almost here, it's time to turn our attention to those outdoor spaces. If you've got a patio area, why not give it a refresh, this year? Introduce some durable frost-proof anti slip tiles, to add some extra grip underfoot, whilst at the same time adding a stylish new look.

Out of these four, which room set do you like the most, and why? Tell us in a YouTube comment for your chance to win a £50 voucher!



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