Our Exciting New Brochure is Full of Interior Design Ideas…

This November, we’ve launched our brand new Walls and Floors brochure! It’s bigger than ever – literally. At A4 size, you can see twice the detail in the pictures. It’s longer than our previous brochures, too – and is bursting at the seams with all the fantastic interior design trends and home ideas we’ve crammed inside. You can order your free copy here: Request A Brochure.


Exploring the Trends

The brochure takes you through some of the most prominent interior design trends from throughout the year; trends that will still be prominent moving into next year, of course. It also introduces you to some of the new trends for 2015. The swankiest establishments in the UK have adopted these trends, so you can rest assured they’ll make your interiors like look a million dollars!

One of the trends we’re shown is Six Sided Style, which you may have heard of already. It’s all about introducing the hexagon shape into your home. Whether that’s through the use of tiles, furniture, or light fittings, that’s up to you. As long as the hexagon shape is prominent in your living room, kitchen or bathroom, you’re halfway there! The brochure’s double page spread guides you through the different hexagon tiles available – from textured, corrugated options, through to captivating Moroccan designs, through to surfaces engrained with tree rings. It shows you which styles go well together, and suggests perfect partnerships with brick tiles, too.



Another trend the brochure touches on is Eastern Promise. It’s one that appeared earlier on it the year, too. It’s all about inviting Mediterranean, Arabesque and Moroccan patterns and designs into your home. The cultures in these regions are filled with captivating geometric designs; with kaleidoscope-like patterns made up of triangles, diamonds and obscure, angled shapes, as well as elaborate, floral-esque patterns and prints. Our Moroccan tiles will bring a vibrant, fresh new lease of life to your wall and floor areas.



Say it with Scrabble: A guide to Scrabble Tiles

We recently launched a range of Scrabble Wall Tiles. Available in both cream and white, they allow you to spell out the name of a loved one, words like ‘bake’ or ‘home’, a song lyric or a movie quote – perfect for stamping some identity into your interiors. They can be stuck to the wall, framed and hung, or used as coasters on a coffee table! Our brochure has kindly offered some advice on Scrabble Tiles; suggesting some words you may like to spell out, and showing you how to transform your tiles into safe, padded coasters. There’s even a doodle section, for you to write out some word ideas.



A breakdown of tile ranges

With 700 tile ranges to choose from, wouldn’t it be nice if someone would compile a stylish selection, in an easy-to-view range-to-a-page format? Well, our new brochure has done exactly that. Sorted into the categories: Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Natural Tiles and Mosaic Tiles, several of our favourite ranges have been given their own pages. With an eye-catching room set image or two, and a list of the tiles featured in that range, browsing a tile range has never been easier! You can quickly glide through until something catches your eye. Here are a couple of examples:



So what are you waiting for? Come and grab your free copy of our brochure, and get some interior design ideas and inspiration for your home! Got your copy already? What do you think of it? What’s your favourite part? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+.



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