If you're a fan of popular daytime ITV show, Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover, you'll have seen our tiles featured on Tuesday 12th November. The programme was on at 2PM, and saw the team in Eltham, South East London to help sisters Rebecca and Laura surprise their father, Trevor.




The family in question

Trevor is a very special and very caring man. When Laura found herself homeless - she, her partner, and her children were out on the street. But Trevor welcomed the whole family into his small Eltham home. He even gave up his own bedroom, and took to sleeping in the living room! Fortunately, Laura and her partner found their feet again, and were able to move on - but they aren't the only ones to stumble upon trouble.

Trevor himself was made redundant, after a staggering 25 years of service! To pluck up his spirits, and also to say thanks for everything he has done for them, they have called in Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover Team to give the place a bit of tender love and care!


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A neglected bedroom

When the girls give Peter Andre a tour of the house, the Australian star is shocked at the state of the half-finished bedroom. The décor is awfully bland. There's a sink in the corner of the room. The tiles above it are outdated and dull. The taps themselves don't even work!  They tell him that Trevor doesn't like the room at all. He just uses it as a place to sleep - he goes in there as late as he can, and leaves as soon as he wakes. Trevor has left it as the last room in the house to work on and complete - because he puts others before himself, and wants everyone else to be comfortable before he is. That's just the sort of caring person that he is.

The girls say it would be nice for Trevor to have something of his own to enjoy. A place for him to unwind and relax in.




The team move in

After the tour, Andre shows the sisters out to the lawn - where the team have assembled; bearing sledgehammers and other tools. Peter Andre introduces them to fresh new interior designer Leah Hughes; a young woman with a keen eye for the most stylish finds. All the materials she chooses for the home are bang-on trend. For Trevor's bedroom, she draws inspiration from the bongos and ornaments he had in there previously, and decides on an African theme.

The team set to work stripping the room bare. Andre himself smashes the sink out of place with a sledgehammer, and then hands it over to the plumbers to deal with the delicate pipework. Soon, they fit a brand new sink basin. Square and contemporary, it gets the bedroom transformation off to a fantastic start!




Our gorgeous Lito Tiles make an appearance

Then came our starring role! Peter Andre took a trowel, and layered some adhesive onto the wall. He says, 'These mosaic effect tiles come in sheets to make them easier to put up - so this could be a job that I could handle.' Then he quickly and easily presses in place the first of the stylish Noce Tiles we provided, from our stone effect Lito collection. A brick-shaped mosaic effect tile, it creates an instantly eye-catching and captivating finish.


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