Our top 8 Beautiful Bathroom Colour Ideas

Welcome to a world where your bathroom isn’t just a functional space, but a canvas to let your personality shine! Say goodbye to the era of monochromatic moodiness and hello to a splash of colour that is sure to transform your space. We’re here to deep dive into bathroom colour ideas that are sure to infuse your mornings with energy and your evenings with tranquillity. Get creative with our bathroom colour ideas that can turn your everyday shower into a colourful adventure!

1 – Gorgeous Greens

Starting with green, in our example, the green tiled walls give the bathroom a fresh and energetic vibe, highlighting one of the key benefits of using green in the bathroom. It crates an overall calming yet exciting atmosphere. Green is associated with all things nature, health and wellness, making it perfect for the bathroom where we intend to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves. This particular shade of green is rich and deep, adding a sense of pure luxury to the space. The addition of plants reinforces the natural feel and introduces life into the space.

Bathroom colour ideas are reflected this chic bathroom that features a striking contrast between the upper walls, with lively monochrome animal print wallpaper with emerald green wall tiles below. Centrepiece is an elegant freestanding bath with claw feet, paired with gold features. Greenery adds a fresh touch to the space.
Above, Victorian Green Metro Tiles

2 – Beautiful Blue

The blue hues in this bathroom scheme bring a cool and soothing element to the bathroom. Blue is known for its calming effects, making it an excellent choice for a bathroom where relaxation is key. The variety of shades and textures in the tiles adds depth and interest, reflecting that of the calming ocean and flow of water. The terrazzo sink complements this space nicely, providing a tactile contrast to the smoothness of the wall. Gold pops against the blue offers a hint of luxury and warmth, while plants introduce a natural element.

A modern bathroom with a grey terrazzo sink, blue tile splashback, gold taps and hardware for sink, a hanging plant over sink and framed abstract artwork.
Above, Raku Blue Tiles

3 – Marvellous Mint

The mint green tiles in this bathroom offer a clean and refreshing style, ideal for a calming and restful environment. The lighter shade of green is a great choice for smaller spaces, as it helps visually expand the area and reflects light around the room. The use of mint also introduces a modern touch without overwhelming the senses, working well with marble and neutral tones for balance. Clean lines and simple fixtures ensure the space remains uncluttered and polished.

A bathroom with a sleek white oval bathtub, marble wall tiles, green geometric tiles across upper wall with a dark green vanity unit and white sink.
Above, Cappella Polished White Carrara Marble Effect tile and Pickett Bevelled Mint tiles

4 – Pretty in Pink

The pink tiles in this bathroom bring a warm and inviting tone to the space, making it feel more personal and comforting. Pink is often associated with softness and femininity, adding a playful and modern twist to the bathroom decor. Soft pink compliments the terrazzo tiles, introducing a contemporary yet fun overall scheme. With colour coordination between the artwork and the green chair, there is depth and sophistication. Using pink in bathroom design can enhance a welcoming atmosphere that is both stylish and soothing.

Bathroom colour ideas are reflected in this Playful bathroom with salmon pink square wall tiles, a terrazzo wall and floor. A Peach-pink vanity cabinet with a white basin, black fixtures, framed art, and a touch of greenery from houseplants to complement the aesthetic.
Above, Popsicle Earth Terrazzo

5 – Gorgeous in Grey

Grey serves as a versatile and modern backdrop that can suit various styles, from minimalistic to sophisticated. It’s a neutral colour that provides a sense of balance and calm, ideal for bathrooms where relaxation is key. The grey tones in this bathroom give the contemporary edge, with our Samphire tiles creating a seamless and expansive effect. This space benefits from grey’s ability to coordinate with a wide range of colours, evidenced by the monochromatic palette. Patterns and artwork enhance the space, adding interest and a graphic punch of design.

Modern bathroom with grey floor and wall tiles, a freestanding bath tub, dark wood vanity, and black accessories. The circular mirror and monochrome art add sophistication, while the pattered wallpaper and green plant introduce texture and life to the space.
Above, Samphire Light Grey Matt Tiles

6 – Charming Neutrals

Incorporating neutrals into your bathroom design provides a timeless and versatile backdrop that exudes tranquillity. The earthy and wood tones in our bathroom design deliver warmth and calmness, creating a spa-like retreat. The simplicity of the colour scheme draws attention to the lush plants and fixtures, and allows for easy updates with different tones and accessories, ensuring the bathroom remains stylish and serene for years to come. The soothing and earthy aesthetic in this bathroom is perfect for unwinding after a long hard day.

Bathroom featuring warm wood tones with vertical wood slat tiles, paired with a sleek white freestanding tub. Gold fixtures add a touch of elegance, and the various plants bring a burst of greenery. Floor is laid with large rectangular tiles in soft grey, creating a contemporary and inviting space.
Above, Nature’s Way Wood Slat Decor Tiles

7 – Amazing Yellows

The use of vibrant yellow injects a burst of cheer and energy into bathroom schemes, making the space feel invigorating and bright. In our bathroom design, the glossy yellow metro tiles reflect light, enhancing the luminosity and creating a sense of expansiveness. Such a bold colour choice can stimulate the senses, perfect for first thing in the morning. The contrast with the dark accents and greenery adds a modern touch, while the simplicity of the design ensures that the yellow remains the star, demonstrating that your choice of colour can transform a functional space into a statement, reflecting your personal style.

Bathroom wall is vibrant yellow with metro tiles that give an energetic vibe. Sleek round mirror and simple black metal vanity with white vessel sink. Greenery in a couple of pots adds a natural element, and floor is adorned with understated hexagonal tiles, balancing the brightness of the wall.
Above, Victorian Mango Metro Tiles

8 – Outstanding Oranges

Embracing orange in bathroom design lends a warm, inviting ambience to the space. This particular shade of orange, paired with white geometric designs, offers a playful yet sophisticated aesthetic. It’s a colour that boosts creativity and your mood, making the bathroom not just a functional area but a zone of uplifting vibrancy. The incorporation of natural elements like the wooden textures and plants complements the orange, connecting the space to nature. Using orange can create a space that is both stylish and practical, perfect for starting the day off on a positive note!

Bathroom colour ideas are reflected in this bathroom featuring terracotta geometric tiles and a natural wood vanity. The modern square basin and matt black taps add a sleek touch, while a round mirror and greenery introduce a cosy feel.
Above, Marmalade Rene Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles

There you have it, a splash of colour really can transform our spaces into vibrant sanctuaries. Whether its a soothing touch of blue, or a vibrant hint of yellow, we hope our bathroom colour ideas have inspired your inner designer to get painting and decorating! Remember your home is your own personal canvas to get creative and have some fun, so don’t hold back! Don’t forget to tag us in your designs over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing our products in your homes!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard