Pantone has just announced its colour of the year for 2019, which lots of interior designers and fashion stylists will work from for the year ahead. It's called Living Coral and it's a warm, rich peachy tone.



What's the colour all about?

Described as 'vibrant, yet mellow,' this tone will bring a warm, nourishing, nurturing feeling to your home. It's a colour that appears throughout the natural world, so it'll help to inject a soothing slice of nature into your interiors, which in today's day and age, are becoming increasingly taken over by technology and glaring screens.


How to bring the colour into your home

You can very easily inject the feel of 'Living Coral' into your bathroom, kitchen, living area or bedroom with these tiles, which all fit into a similar palette...



Candy Pink Tiles from the Nyans Tiles collection - Shop now


* * *



Dollymixx Plum Blush Terrazzo Effect Tiles - shop now


* * *



Hoxley Ginger Tiles from the Hoxley Tiles collection - Shop now



* * *



Tints Rose Brick Tiles - Shop now


* * *



Covent Garden Pink Tiles - Shop now


There you have it - some ways to bring the Living Coral palette into your home this season!



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