Pantone is the world's leading authority on colour. Each year, when they release their palettes, interior designers and fashion stylists take on board the colour themes outlined. Throughout the year of 2015, you'll see these palettes pop up in trendy establishments, in TV home shows, and in new collections from leading clothing brands.



Meaning 'pleasant surprise' or 'happy accident', the palette Serendipity offers exactly that - colours you wouldn't expect to go together, that somehow completely work. Fiery Puffin's Bill is cooled off by Eggshell Blue, whilst Scarlett Sage compliments Golden Glow.

Palette colours: Puffin's Bill, Scarlett Sage, Magenta, Spring Crocus, Eggshell Blue, Tiger's Eye, Bright Chartreuse, Golden Glow.



This palette welcomes 'enlightment' into your home. It takes the calm, relaxing, meditative qualities of the blue-green family, and brings them to a whole new level by introducing to the palette a sharp red, a moody green, as well as a sparkling gold and silver.

Palette colours: Pale Gold, Silver, Eclipse, Surf the Web, Azure Blue, Blue Coral, Anemone, Sea Spray.


Style Settings

This Pantone palette is all about the elegance of high fashion - since this a forerunner to home furnishings. It's about 'poise, finesse and polish'. Taken members of the elegant purple family, it adds in mahoganies, off-whites, greys and taupes. It also includes Pantone's colour of 2014: Radiant Orchid.

Palette colours: Champagne Beige, Wood Violet, Deep Mahogany, Radiant Orchid, Steel Grey, Frosted Almond, Desert Taupe, White Alyssum.



As the name suggests, this palette is all about randomness and fun. Out-of-nowhere-ness. It contains a unique and colourful mash-up of different tones - from the bold and bright through to the 'quieted down', to help bring a calm balance.

Palette colours: Winsome Orchid, Sunkist Coral, Misty Jade, Cantaloupe, Marigold, Hyacinth, Violet Quartz, Kelly Green.


Tinted Medley

This range consists of a harmonious selection of very closely-related warm colours, delivered in a very powdered, pastel shade. The pink and peach are the most prominent, and are perfect for combining with the other perfectly compatible colours.

Palette colours: Rose Smoke, Dusty Yellow, Bellini, Apricot Wash, Etherea, Dusty Pink, Peach Amber, Macadamia.


Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle compares and combines the colours of modern big city living with those of a vibrant, vivid jungle. As opposed to being rough textured, the contours are smoother. A mixture of warm animal skin colours are put alongside modern blue-greens, a greenish-yellow, and black and white.

Palette colours: Hydro, Bamboo, Adobe, Orange Rust, Taffy, Biscotti, Meteorite, Bright White.


Past Traces

This Palette honours the history of the home - as, in the past, we often seek and find comfort. Ranging from old classics through to contemporized adaptations, some of the colours have a warm, vintage feel to them.

Palette colours: Pastel Parchment, Peach Beige, Cameo Green, Faded Denim, Atmosphere, Marine Blue, Dusty Cedar, Cedar Green.



Release your inner artist by taking on this colourful palette! Similar to the effect created by abstract art - where geometric shapes seem to be brought together as a random, unmixable mix, the mash up of colours in Abstractions also seem to come from equally separate places - and yet - when put together - they work spendidly.

Palette colours: Rosette, Red Dahlia, Seaport, Crushed Grape, Hazel, Apricot Illusion, Stonewash, Vineyard Green.



As the name may suggest, this palette consists wholly of colours relating to flora and foliage. The succulent shadings of green and grape the dusty tones of orchid and blue. Bring them together and create an efflorescent appearance in your home.


Palette colours: Antique Moss, Dusty Blue, Grape Nectar, Cafe Du Lait, Orchid Mist, Vintage Violet, Orchid Smoke, Rock Ridge.



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