Over on our Instagram at @wallsandfloors, we're quite often tagged in new and exciting customer projects featuring use of our tiles in their home renovations.

@jade.doutch - White Metro Tiles

With a little help from time (and eager eyes), I've managed to notice specific trends in the posts we are tagged in, with some of our stunning designs appearing more often than others.

So, I've compiled some of our customer favourites below, so you can too create your own Insta-worthy home!

Scintilla Tiles

Our Scintilla Tiles are the star of the show in many of our customers homes! Perfect as a standout statement, Scintilla Tiles are made from durable ceramic and therefore are perfect indoors for floors or walls!

They have a vintage monochrome design, with aged-effect black and white star shaped pattern, and are perfect for injecting some vintage inspiration in to your home.

Not only are these a bestseller all round, they're clearly an Instagram favourite - and we love seeing the amazing projects they are featured in.

Cava Victorian Quarry Tiles

Gorgeous for creating chequered designs, our Cava Victorian Quarry tiles are a firm favourite for both indoor and outdoor use.

Their porcelain body and grade 5 rating means they are perfect for high traffic areas due to their sturdy and hard-wearing properties.

They seem to be ever popular in the hallways of Instagram for this reason - and the popular black and white choice is timeless to match any decor. However, they are available in a variety of other colours, so why not check them out?

Pixel Mosaic Tiles

Create unique designs with our Pixel Mosaics! Featured above in a mixture of our black and white hexagons, Pixel tiles are a great way to spark creativity in your home and create a unique and personalised look you'll remember forever.

Whether polka dots, flowers, your house number or 'ooh la la', these tiles are versatile and perfect for both walls and floors with their matt and gloss options.

Ledbury Tiles

Full of character and design, Ledbury tiles are a popular style for floors around the home. However, there's nothing stopping you using them on walls for a bold statement.

They seem to bode well with cool toned hues, and deep blues, a gorgeous design choice to radiate expensive taste, even if your project was a bargain!

Trax Tiles

Seamless and neutral, Trax tiles are increasingly popular in open plan spaces as a blank canvas for interior design.

Also available in a 20mm outdoor slab, Trax tiles are often seen in seamless living situations, with bi-fold doors or large glass windows extending living space beyond the borders of your house, and into your garden.

They are a stunning choice for clean living, and one that has been captured endlessly throughout these warmer summer months.

The famous Metro tile...

First row: @greenwichterrace
Second row, left: @the_neverending_todo_list, right: @mamofboys
Third row, left: @thehousethatcolourbuilt, right: @insideno49
Fourth row: @cresta_home

An Instagram favourite... a customer favourite... the UK's favourite - the Metro tile is irreplaceable, and ingrained in interiors and hearts nationwide.

From bevelled, to flat, gloss, to vintage crackle, pastels, to bolds; the Metro tile has it all.  Inspired by the retro décor of the London Underground, they have a vintage 1920's subway feel, yet they are effortlessly stylish in modern settings.

It's rare to go through our tags and not see a Metro in at least every three pictures.. and I can see why! The Metro hosts too many variations for it to not have something for everyone in its brick-shaped joy.

Don't forget to tag us in your home renovation project at @wallsandfloors on Instagram!