Pimp My Caravan: Interior Design Tips

When it comes to making the most of your weekends, a caravan can be the perfect getaway solution. Owning a caravan gives you the opportunity to hit the open road whatever the weather – so whether you’re joining the pilgrimage to the Lake District or prefer to stay off the beaten track, your adventure can be tailored to your tastes. But are you making the most of your home on wheels?

If you’re preparing for a summer road trip and looking for some tips to perk up your caravan’s interior, we’ve got just the thing. We’ve gathered together some handy hints to help you brighten up your caravan and ensure you enjoy every minute of life on the road.

vintage caravan decor

Saving space

If you own a caravan, you’ll know space doesn’t come in abundance, with bathrooms being notoriously tiny – but in this instance, size isn’t everything. With some well-chosen storage solutions and a cleverly placed mirror, you can perk up even the smallest of spaces. From the living area to the bedroom, when it comes to lighting your caravan, you can free up floor space by opting for wall-mounted lamps rather than free standing lights – making the most of every inch of your caravan.

A spectrum of colour

If you’re looking to breathe life back into your caravan, there are any number of ways to brighten up your interior. If you’re following a vintage theme, fabric tiles and handmade bunting will keep it retro – while deep purples and rich reds will create a more ambient atmosphere. Whether it’s fresh flowers, vibrant kitchen accessories or bold bedding, adding a splash of colour will perk up the dullest of interiors.

vintage caravan interior design

Keep it personal

Whether you’re touring around Europe or exploring the British countryside, you can document your trips and use memorabilia to brighten up the interior of your caravan. From pinning photographs to a cork board to sticking postcards to the fridge to opting for some quirky kitchen Scrabble tiles, you can get creative and enjoy adding some personality to your caravan.

scrabble tiles tea cake

A touch of class

With some small tweaks, you can turn your tired caravan into the perfect home from home. From an upholstery overhaul to installing a touch of technology, you can get creative and set about transforming your caravan. But if your interior is beyond repair, you might want to think about saying goodbye to your old ‘van and opting for a new set of wheels. With a huge range of caravans on finance, you needn’t worry about the price – and you can use the extra money to plan your next great adventure!

Now you’re armed with some top tips for sprucing up the interior of your caravan, you can get creative and set about making the most of the warmer weather.


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