Pretty in Pink: How to Style Pink Tiles

Using pink tiles to decorate your home helps to add charm and personality to any interior space. With so many shades to choose from, pink tiles are a fun way to introduce a splash of colour to a wall or floor space, instantly brightening up any room with their character and warmth.

We’ve put together a few examples of our favourite pink tiles here at Walls and Floors, with advice on how to style them!

Luxurious marble

Can you think of a better pair than pink and marble tiles? This stunning muted shade of pink is perfectly complemented by the elegant marble effect design of our Ruscello Gold Matt Marble Effect Tiles.

Our Capsule™ Powder Room Tiles are available in three different styles, plain, bevelled and moldura. When used together, they create a luxurious look that’s perfectly complemented by the addition of gold furnishings.

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Feature floor

If you’re looking to create a statement in your home, try adding some patterned pink tiles for a really fun look! When using patterned tiles, it’s good to balance them out with a plain, neutral colour. As an example, we’ve chosen our Whitechapel Gloss White Metro Tiles for the walls, laying them in a herringbone pattern to add interest and movement.

The bold, linear pattern of our Gatsby Pink Tiles creates an eye-catching look! These geometric tiles can be laid in a number of ways for a unique look in your home.

1. Whitechapel Gloss White Metro Tiles, 2. John Lewis, 3. Method, 4. Bathroom Mountain, 5. Bathroom Mountain, 6. H&M Home, 7. Patch Plants, 8. Gatsby Pink Tiles

Pink and green

Complementary colours have long been used in interior design, and the combination of pink and green is one of the most popular choices. Opposites on the colour wheel, these colours bring a calm, serene feeling to your home – perfect for the trend of bringing the outdoors in.

Our Covent Garden Gloss Pink Metro Tiles have been combined with a stunning leaf print wallpaper, creating a bold, eye-catching look.

1. Covent Garden Gloss Pink Metro Tiles, 2. Bathroom Mountain, 3. Jim Lawrence, 4. Dusk, 5. Arket, 6. Better Bathrooms, 7. Lust Home, 8. Naken

Pink and pattern

Muted pink tiles work beautifully with patterns. Our Chatham Rose Brick Tiles feature an elegant flat brick shape with a unique shadow or “smokey” effect throughout their surface, and the herringbone pattern brings out the gradient in the tiles.

We love the addition of a blue cabinet, rose gold furnishings and green plants, bringing the look together for an elegant appearance.

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson