Prince William and Kate Living Room / Garden at the Ideal Home Show

Our favourite Good Homes Room Set this year is the stunning Prince William and Kate Living Room / Garden set. A colourful family living room with plenty of fun for the kids leads out into a Moroccan-styled garden space that the adults can enjoy! This room set perfectly encapsulates the indoor / outdoor seamless living trend.



The garden space has a real Mediterranean feel. From the colourful patterned Gosford Tiles through to the fern plant, ritzy candle lantern, simplistic wooden table, and Moroccan drinks tray, and the backdrop of Natural Wood Split Face Tiles, it has a gorgeous Arabesque feel, which is perfect for those summertime garden parties.



A rich mix of yellows, reds, blues, blacks and whites, these Yellow Gosford Tiles actually belong to our Victorian collection. They're made from clay, so they're high quality, durable and long lasting. As well as creating a vintage look in your home or garden, they're also perfect as a Moroccan-themed base, as you can see in these pictures.



Behind the rattan sofa, sitting beneath the wall of foliage, is a skim of Natural Wood Split Face Tiles. Their yellowish tone means they go perfectly with the patterned tiles on the floor. They're made from strips of natural wood of different lengths and thicknesses; bonded together to create this characterful, staggered, multi-levelled surface.



The mix of tones and textures really helps these tiles to tell a story! They look like they're full of age and history, with reach re-purposed piece coming from a different place.



Through a set of bay doors, at the same level as the garden space, is the charming family-friendly living space! It carries on some of the garden's Mediterranean influences with its abundance of colourful patterned rugs and cushion assortment.



Throughout the living room, our Larice Anti-Slip Plank Tiles are used on the floor spaces. They have a perfect likeness of natural wood, but they don't require ongoing treatment and maintenance, and they don't scratch, mark and stain as easily, either - which is perfect if you've got boisterous children running around, or family pets.




Our interview with Good Homes Magazine Editor Karen Walker




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