Quick Decorating Updates For Every Room

Metallic brick slip wall tiles on fireplace

If your home is starting to look a little dated, take action! Give your interiors that long overdue transformation with these quick updates for the different spaces throughout your home…


Above: Boutique Brick Slip Tiles and Peacock Slate Effect Tiles


The Kitchen

After a fresh new look for the kitchen? Don’t worry – you don’t have to rip out all the units and start all over again. That would cost a fortune. Just tile behind the worktop, and create a refreshing splashback! Buy yourself a matching kettle, sugar/coffee/tea set and bread bin, and voilà – you’ve got yourself a fresh new kitchen!


tile updates kitchen

Above: Tephra Mosaic Tiles


The bedroom

Fancy a change in your bedroom? Why not rip up that old, worn carpet? The one that’s trodden bare and riddled with make-up stains and sploshes of red wine. In its place, put down some stylish Natural Bark Cork Tiles! Warm and cushioned underfoot, they’re perfect for barefoot trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They go perfectly with a feature wall of Ivory Mix Tiles, as shown below.



The bathroom

Want to freshen up the bathroom, without replacing the toilet, sink and bathroom? No problem. Tiles are an easy solution! Use them to create a spa-styled look, where you can relax and unwind after a stressful day.

Get rid of that old, warped lino on the floor and the pealing paper lining the walls. Replace them with soothing Largo Tiles and Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles. Again, both shown below.


largo tiles


Want to inject some greenery into your bathroom? Try adding a vine feature! Here’s a guide from our friends at Design Peach.



Living areas

Don’t forget about the lounge. The space where lots of us entertain our guests, the living room needs some TLC, too! Remove the carpets or laminate, and put some tiles down. They’re more resistant to scratches and stains, they’re easier to clean, and they’ll last a lot longer!


Above: Our brand new Peacock Slate Effect Tiles are perfect for transforming a living room floor. 


Above: Boutique Brick Slip Tiles are ideal for creating a shimmering focal point. 


Dining room

Since it’s the space where we serve up a tasty dish at a dinner party, it’s important to keep those dining areas looking stylish and guest-ready. One quick way to update the room is to create a tiled ‘rug’ with patterned tiles – this acts as a striking floor feature, and it’s guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests.


zeinah tiles

Above: Zeinah Tiles



We all know how important first impressions are! That’s why, when your guests step through your front door, they need to be stepping into a stylish, tidy space!

For a wholesome country look in your hall, try some Chenise Brick Tiles to create the illusion of a charming bare brick wall! For a ornate, vintage appearance on the floor, how about some parquet-styled Modele Wood Effect Tiles? Both shown below.



There you have it – some fab ideas for transforming the spaces throughout your home! We hope that’s given your some inspiration for your next decorating project.



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