Our wood effect tiles are so realistic that we've become curious - if we were to show you pictures of our tiles, and pictures of natural wood, would you be able to tell them apart? Cue a quick wood or wood effect quiz!  Simply click whether you think each image shows natural wood, or tiles! Comment your results at the bottom, and challenge your friends!

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Wood or wood effect?

If you found this quiz harder than you expected, we're not surprised! The techniques used to create wood effect tiles have vastly advanced. Whereas before a 'wood effect' tile might be a plain brown tile with some subtle lines on it to simulate wood grain, now HD photographs of wood are printed onto the tile using the latest inkjet technology! And it's not the same photograph printed again and again, either. Often, dozens of photographs are used, so that the design varies from tile to tile; allowing for a more realistic wood effect floor display.


Wood or wood effect quiz

Above: Eeesome Wood Plank Tiles


But why go through all that trouble to make tiles look like real wood? Why not just use real wood?

Good question! Firstly, natural wooden flooring is fairly expensive. If you're on a tight budget, wood effect tiles are a more affordable option.

Secondly, natural wooden flooring requires constant sealing, sandy and maintenance. Wood effect tiles are very durable, and are zero maintenance - you simply install them, and leave them be!

Thirdly, natural wooden flooring scratches and stains easily. If you have pets with sharp claws, they can riddle a wooden floor with scratches. And should you spill a glass of red wine, the wooden flooring will usually absorb the ugly pink stain. With wood effect tiles, you don't have to worry about that - they're very durable, and hard to scratch, and they're resistant to moisture stains. If you spill red wine on them, it's simply a case of wiping it up.

Fourthly, if you use natural wooden flooring in a space where there's lots of sunlight, such as in a conversatory, the sun will bleach the wood. With wood effect tiles, the colour remains strong, even in direct sunlight!

If you'd like to explore our collection further, visit our selection of wood effect tiles, and order some samples.






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