In June, some of the ladies from our Sales and Customer Service Teams took part in the Race for Life, to help fight cancer. Their team name is the ‘Quartz Queens’ (named after the popular Quartz floor tiles that they sell all day long over the phones). So far, they have raised a whopping £815 to go towards Cancer Research UK. Over to Farrar, one of the team, for the inside story...


Race for life charity run


'On Sunday 9th June, the girls from the Internet Dept. got themselves organised and entered the Northampton Race for Life. Seeing that they were committing themselves to 5k of running (or in some cases walking) I thought it was only fair to go along and support them (that and I am all for a free T Shirt!). So we all went along to Abington Park, in Northampton.


walls and floors charity event


Sadly, I know a number of people reading this blog like me will have been directly impacted by cancer. But, like me, you might also be motivated to take action. You don’t have to be an amazing runner or an amazing walker to take part in the Race for Life.

There are 5k and 10k options and you can even stroll the course at a leisurely pace if you like, so anyone who hasn’t done it before – I would recommend giving it a go.


race for life in Northampton


So the day rolled around, we grabbed our pink T Shirts, glitter, tutu’s and headed to the park. It was such as great atmosphere – a sunny and bright day and the park had an awesome festival feeling.

I think it’s only fitting for me to talk about who we were battling for.


Who were they running Race For Life for?

Anna, who couldn’t be there on the day, asked for a special mention for her mum Joy. “My mum Joy didn’t die from cancer she actually kicked its butt 4 years ago now and has been clear ever since!! She’s a wonder woman!”


Race for life charity run


Karen was running for her wonderful best friend. She said, “My beautiful friend, Catherine Steery, was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She fought it and beat it for a couple of years and then she went back to get sign off so she could have her driving licence back and they found that it had returned. This was on our friend’s 40th birthday, 3 days before she found it had returned. She continued to battle on for 6 months but sadly it took her on October 1st. She loved Dragonflies so I will be dressed as a dragonfly”.


race for life charity event


Becky, the super mum showed up last minute with little Lola in one arm and her pink T shirt in another, and ran straight to the finish line and had to leave soon after. She wanted to do this for her gorgeous granny, Rosemary.

Lucy was running for her Grandmother Valentine Marie who died when she was a baby.


cancer charity walk race for life


Miriam was running for her dad Nigel Hart, who sadly passed away, anyone who really knows Miriam knows he meant the world to her and she loves him so much. Father’s Day has just been and gone and I wanted to give a special mention to her, lots of love from Farrah.'


charity walk race for life cancer appeal


So well done to Miriam, Becky, Kym, Karen, Lucy, Vikki, Christie, Meaghan, Carrie and thanks to Farrar for the write-up!

If you'd like to donate to the Quartz Queens, there's still time... Visit Just Giving.






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