Red Nose Day is the time of year when individuals and companies throughout the UK come together to help raise money for Comic Relief - a fantastic charity that helps causes both at home and abroad. So when it arrived on March 13th, we knew we had to do our part! The company kindly offered to double whatever we raised. See what we did to raise money, and how much we managed to total...


Red Noses: Quite the Collection

Throughout February and March, members of the Web Development team started to collect the various red noses that were being sold in Sainsburys. They came in sealed packets, so you didn't know which character you were going to get. There were 9 to collect in total, and we managed to collect 8. Not too bad! Here they are:


red noses collection comic relief 2015


callum red nose day 2015


martin wearing red nose


susie freckles red nose day


Bake Off!

We were asked to bake some delicious cakes, to bring in and sell throughout the company - with all proceeds going to Comic Relief. Lots of yummy goodies were brought it, and they sold like hot cakes, for £1 a piece! Scores of office workers came in to the Web Development room, where the baked items were laid out on a desk. They soon began to disappear, and the money bucket filled up. Soon, this was all we had left:


cakes fundraising red nose day 2015


The company kindly offered to give a £25 One4all voucher card for whoever made the nicest cakes. Richard, the director, came up to judge, and decided that Susie was the winner, as her cakes had the Red Nosiest theme - with little cardboard red nose characters jabbed into each cupcake. Here's Richard congratulating her:


red nose day 2015 comic relief


Funny Faces!

Another centric theme to the day was that we were all encouraged to do something with our face or hair. If anybody chose not to, they could simply pay £2 to come in mufty instead. Again, out of those who did do something with their face or hair - be it applying facepaint, a wig, or copious amounts of coloured hairspray - the company were offering another £25 One4all voucher for their favourite. Because Martin from Web Development had chosen to paint his hair red, and as this was the most fitting theme relating to Red Nose day, he won. Here's director Richard congratulating him:


martin winner funny faces comic relief



Lots of people throughout the offices took part in the Comic Relief Sweepstakes. It was a poster that you printed off from the Comic Relief site. On it were 32 celebrity faces. Staff had to pay £2 to write their name next to one of the faces. One face was announced on the Comic Relief website at 3PM. The winner won half the pot, whilst the other half of the pot went to Comic Relief! That resulted in another £32 toward the grand total!


comic relief 2015 sweepstakes


Extra Incentive

We were told that if we managed to raise £150 by 1PM, we could dress our Operations Director John up in a wig and goggles. Did we manage it? Well, here's your answer:


red nose day 2015 fancy dress


Grand Total

At the end of the day, from the sales of cakes, and the money from painting our faces, and paying to dress up in mufty, and from half the pot from the sweepstakes, we managed to raise £206 - which Walls and Floors kindly offered to double, bringing it to a grand total of £412! We hope this helps towards one of Comic Relief's fantastic, worthwhile projects.



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