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This season, our aim is to help you #UnlockYourDreamHome. When you arrive at your doorstep after a hard day at work, and you put that key in the lock, and throw open your front door, we want you to walk into a stylish, thought-out home that you couldn't be happier with. Not only that, we want you to have a home that wows your guests, too! As part of our ongoing effort to help you achieve this idyllic home, we've been providing you with Dream Colour Schemes - voguish colour palettes to help reinvent those rooms around; through the introduction of paint, tiles and accessories.


Our latest colour palette is Mountain Dew - a cool, refreshing backing of whites and dusky muted blues. It will help you to brighten up a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom or dining area. Add a pop of colour here and there in the form of key accents. Teal goes well with this colour scheme, but as we'll show you below, you can introduce other bright colours into this scheme, and they fit perfectly!


Your paint palette

Although wall and floor tiles are fantastic for injecting colour into a room, you might choose to paint certain areas, to help tie the scheme together. If so, these are the colours to stick to, available in some variation from Dulux or Pantone:


paint palette dulux pantone


Glistening Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are a great way to introduce colour into an interior area. They come on a mesh backing that is easy to cut to size; perfect for working around tricky fixtures and fittings. Our Glistening White Mix Mosaic Tiles have a shimmering surface with a blue iridescent tinge; ideal for enforcing the Mountain Dew theme. They gleam under the light - creating an eye-catching feature wall which becomes the focal point of a room. With a feature wall as captivating as that, you don't need to go to town when it comes to tiling the floor. Add simple White Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles. They help brighten up the room, and make it appear larger. For a key accent, introduce a teal towel!


shower room mosaic tiles

blue mix mosaic tile


Stone Effect Tiles

If you flick through the interior design and lifestyle magazines, you'll notice that a major decorating trend involves the introduction of natural textures and surfaces into the home. The idea behind this is to help us feel closer to nature - a soothing connection that should help us feel at ease - which is exactly what we want when we're unwinding in our homes, after a stressful day at work, or traipsing around the shops. Our Elicit range is a collection of stone effect tiles in a variety of different tones. For this colour scheme, stick to Moonshine Tiles. They're a pale shade of grey. Again, for those accent colours, introduce a teal towel or, alternatively, a bunch of bright purple flowers!


bathroom stone effect tiles

stone effect tiles wall and floor


The Vintage Look

For a vintage, characterful, semi-industrial look, try mixing wood effects with brick tiles. When used in light colours, the two combined create a timeless look. If you'd like to break away from the traditional brick shape, go for a more elongated rectangle with a flat face, such as our Rhian 400x100 White Brick Tiles. When it comes to the floor, piece together a striking parquet effect with our Vintage Wood Tiles from the Louisa Charlotte Collection. In that range, we have a fantastic Crate Wood Effect Tile with a gripping anti-slip finish; perfect for adding extra safety to those slippery bathroom floor areas.


vintage wood floor tiles bathroom

wood effect tiles and white brick tiles


We hope you've found these ideas inspiring, and that you'll be able to take something away from them when it comes to decorating your home. If you're not quite taken by this colour palette, you'll find more more room colour ideas here: Dream Colour Schemes. If you know somebody who's giving their house a makeover, or if you think your friends might find these colour ideas useful, feel free to share the post below!



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