February 14th is on its way! What have you got planned for that special someone this Valentine's Day? If you're bored of giving roses and chocolates, why not try something a little different this year? Something that can last a lifetime?




Give A Gift Less Ordinary

Our Scrabble Tiles are perfect for giving as gifts. They cover every letter in the alphabet - so you can spell out any word, any name, any phrase, any lyric. Best of all, they're only £5.95 per letter!

They're extremely versatile. They can be stuck to the wall. They can be stood on a shelf or mantelpiece. They can be mounted on a door. They can even be used as vintage coasters - to brighten up a desk or coffee table.


Romantic Suggestions

So you've settled on the fact you're going to be gifting Scrabble Tiles. But what to spell out? Here are some suggestions:

Firstly, you could go for a time-tested Valentine's Day card favourite. Failing that, any phrase from a pack of Sweethearts!

Alternatively, you could express how you feel about them. Remember - it'll probably be on display in the home, once Valentine's Day is over with, so go for something home-friendly.




Presentation: It's all in the details!

You could stick the tiles to a background, and put them in a frame. Then the whole thing can be hung on a wall, and admired for years to come!




If you're on a really tight budget, you could always just buy their initial. And then grab yourself a heart-shaped giftbox, some faux straw stuffing to line the bottom (£2 in Wilko), and sit the tile on top.





There you have it - the perfect Valentine's Day gift!



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