Mother's Day is almost here! Are you bored of giving her chocolates and flowers each year? The chocolates get scoffed, and the flowers wilt after a week or so. Wouldn't it be nicer to give her something that lasts? We've got the perfect solution!


mother's day gift


The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Our collection of ceramic Scrabble Tiles cover every letter in the alphabet, so they're perfect for spelling out different words or messages. You could spell out, 'MUM,' or 'LOVE,' or 'FAMILY.' You could even spell out her name! They're ceramic, so they're light but long-lasting. They have a shimmering gloss finish that is guaranteed to catch the eye. And, best of all, they come in two colourways - white and cream!


Create a Scrabble Tiles frame

They can be framed, and hung up above the mantelpiece, like below! If you're buying a gift from your little one to give to their mum, this frame idea is a great crafty make that the kids can get involved with! Simply buy a frame that would house the  letters comfortably, put some coloured backing paper inside the frame, and use a glue gun to stick the Scrabble Tiles onto the face of the glass.


framed gift scrabble tiles


Make a coaster set

Scrabble Tiles are also perfect for scattering over the coffee table as vintage coasters! To give them as a coaster set, simply stick some foam pads into the corners of the tile's under-side, and wrap them together in a ribbon with a decorative bow on top - the perfect gift!


scrabble tile coffee coasters


We're sure your mum - or your child's mum - would be thrilled to receive either of the above gift ideas for Mother's Day! For more ideas on what you can spell out with our fabulous Scrabble collection, check out this guide: A-Z of Scrabble Wall Tiles.


Which word will you be spelling out this Mother's Day? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+.





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