Looking for a last minute gift idea for a friend or loved one? In my opinion, Scrabble Tiles are the perfect choice! Not only are they affordable, but they are versatile too - and cater for men and women of all ages. Made from ceramic and measuring 100x100mm, they are the perfect size to use as coasters. They're also light enough to put in a frame to hang on the wall. Alternatively, if you'd rather gift them as they are, they can simply be stood up on a shelf or mantelpiece.


Punctuate your selection!

Once you've chosen your letters, add some Scrabble Symbols to help give your selection some extra personality! This additional offering is brand new to Walls and Floors. The Scrabble Symbols collection contains quotation marks, full stops, hashtags and even love hearts! These symbols are perfect for adding extra panache to your chosen Scrabble letters.




Stuck for words?

If you can't decide what word to choose, I've created a whopping A-Z of suggestions. If that doesn't give you some ideas, nothing will! Take a look and get inspired: A-Z of Scrabble Tiles.


You've been framed!

If you want to give your Scrabble gifts in a nice, compact, controlled arrangement, then why not frame them? You can even buy a box frame and house a single tile (such as your friend's initial), or you can buy a longer frame and house an entire word.




Here's how to frame your Scrabble Tiles...

You will need: A frame, coloured backing paper, a glue gun.

1) Buy a frame long enough to house your tiles (don't worry about depth - your Scrabble Tiles won't be going behind the glass).

2) Choose some backing paper and put this inside the frame. I find that black works best, but you can choose any colour you like.

3) Set your tiles out on the face of the glass, and position them so they're spaced how you like.

4) Having heated up the glue gun, take each tile in turn, squirt glue into the rear-side corners, and press the tile down onto the face of the glass, in its correct place.

5) You'll have a couple of seconds to straighten your tile before the glue dries, in case you set it down a little wonky.

5) Leave the glue to dry for 10 - 20 minutes. When you come back, pick off any dried strings of glue from the glass, and there you have it! A framed Scrabble Tile gift, ready for wrapping.




Turn your tiles into coasters!

Everybody loves a good coaster! Particularly when they're as edgy and arty as our Scrabble Tiles! So why not give your family or friends a coaster set or two this Christmas?




If you've decided you want to gift your Scrabble Tiles as coasters, then you'll need to add protection to the undersides of the tiles to prevent them from scratching the recipient's coffee table.

Here's how to make coasters from your Scrabble Tiles...

You will need: Sticky foam pads.

1) Take each tile in turn.


Scrabble Tiles Coasters


2) Turn the tile over, and stick foam pads into the corners (available from Hobbycraft).




3) Fill each corner with a pad and press down firmly, to ensure they're secure.




4) Voila! Your Scrabble Tile is now a coffee coaster, and is ready to be put in a gift box with some shredded tissue paper and given to your friend or loved one. Alternatively, stack them and tie with ribbon.



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