Shape Up Your Interiors with the Geometric Decor Trend

If you’ve visited any of this year’s interior styling events, such as the Ideal Home Show at the Olympia in London, you’ll have noticed that geometric patterns are taking over the world of interior design. They’re appearing everywhere. In cushions, in wallpapers, in rugs. Here at Walls and Floors, we love geometric patterns. We think they’re bold and refreshing, and go a long way towards making a room feel revived and renewed. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide for inviting geometrics into your home…

geometric pattern

Floor filler: Geometric rugs

If you’ve got a large, plain floor space, why not fill it with a rug? Rugs are perfect for helping to break up large, impersonal floor areas – particular in open plan homes. They’re also a great way to inject some personality into a room, through the choice of colour and design. You’ll find plenty of geometric options out there on the market. I like this Geometric GEO07 Rug from Modern Rugs…

Geometric rug vfrom Modern Rugs

Replace your curtains with a patterned blind

Curtains are great for adding retro or vintage charm to an interior area. But if you’re going for a sleeker, more modern look, you should go for a blind. Blinds are a much more compact option. Whilst curtains take up lots of wall space whether in use or not, blinds ravel up into a neat, tidy roll that sits high up out of the way. They also come in some fantastic designs – including striking geometric patterns. Below is the Cubes Turquoise Blind from Korla Ltd.

Cubes turquoise blind from Korla Ltd

Eye-catching Ottomans

When it comes to decorating or accessorizing a bedroom or living area, ottomans are an essential piece of furniture. They’re taking the place of coffee tables, and make for fantastic focal points either in the centre of the room, or at the side. They’re essentially padded boxes, covered with material. Sometimes they’re hollow and allow you to store things inside – perfect for hiding away that clutter and keeping magazines, menus and boardgames out of sight. Thanks to the geometric decor trend, there are plenty of patterned ottoman designs to choose from; ideal for adding an eye-catching accent piece into your home. Try this Abbyson Living Mercer Grey Patterned Storage Ottoman from Overstock…

patterned ottoman in living room

Take a seat: Geometric arm chairs

It’s not just the focal pieces where you can introduce the geometric look into your home. It applies to the more practical furniture, too! There are dozens of fantastic geometric arm chair designs to choose from. Bring them into your living room for some instant Gatsby Glam! These Blue Jonah Armchairs from are a good choice…

Jonah armchair

Cushions: A quick update

If you don’t have the budget to furnish your home with new armchairs, there’s a much simpler quick fix: cushions. Pop into your local Dunelm or Wilco, and you’ll find loads of geometric patterned cushions! Buy a good mix of colours and designs, to add interest to your existing sofas and chairs. You can even use them to line the head of your bed! The smattering of Geometric Cushions below is available from Korla Ltd.

Geometric cushions from Korla Ltd

Create a statement floor

If you’re bored of your current flooring, and you want to introduce an exciting change into your interiors to help modernise them and bring them up to date, add a statement floor! This is something that translates perfectly into any lounge, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Adding pattern tiles to your floor area will help to add character and interest into the room. Will a floor that’s so full of charisma, you’ll be able to keep your walls and furnishings fairly plain. At Walls and Floors, we have a huge selection of Moroccan Tiles and encaustic pattern tiles to choose from.

flavian tiles

For a colourful approach, you could try these Flavian Tiles. They’re suitable for both walls and floors – so if a statement floor isn’t for you, you could always introduce a feature wall into the room of your choice.

geometric moroccan tiles

The Harika Tile range is another lively, colourful choice. It consists of the same pattern in three different sizes. If you like, there’s the repeating pattern, and then a zoomed in version, and then a super zoomed in version. Combine the three to create a captivating patchwork design.

moresque encaustic tiles

Our Naklo Tiles have a faded, encaustic effect design; implying age and character. Much more so than the other designs, they have a Medieval feel about them – ideal for adding a grande, fort-like feel to an interior area.

zellij patchwork tiles

For the ultimate patchwork floor, try our Zellij Tiles. There are dozens of different patterns, assigned to tiles in random sets of 4, meaning you’re unlikely to see a repetition across your entire floor space!

statement floor moroccan dining room

You don’t have to fill the entire floor, of course. You can surround your patterned tiles with wood effects that loosely match in colour, as shown above. Just make sure they’re the same thickness, so that there’s no drop in level. Above, our Zeinah Moroccan Tiles are framed with Jannah Wood Effect Tiles.

living room encaustic tiles

You can use this same effect to help break up an open plan area. We call it ‘zoning off’. Take a look at the picture above, featuring our Kutlu Pattern Tiles. To zone off the living area, a square of Moroccan Tiles have been used on the floor. Then, to zone off the kitchen section where the breakfast bar stands, more Moroccan Tiles have been used on the floor – and on the walls. The two zones are connected with a wood effect tile of equal colour tone. This helps to break up the open plan space, and helps to assign the different areas, to help it seem that little more personal and homely – and a little less of an endless, undefinable void.

We hope you’ve been inspired by these geometric decor ideas! Invite them into your home this season to help inject some colour and character into your interiors! Click here for more trends in the home and garden.



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  • Claire Shawford
    Claire Shawford on May 9, 2015 at 9:23 pm
    Friend has a statement floor in her kitchen similar to those Harika Tiles and I'm jealous. May be paying your site another visit after pay day!
  • Arianna
    Arianna on May 10, 2015 at 7:21 pm
    Love, love, love!

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