Sleep In Beauty: Bedroom Design Ideas

The bedroom. It’s a room we Brits spend a lot of time in. Admittedly, we’re asleep for most it. But not all of it. We spend some treasured times lounging around in our bedrooms. Whether we’re relaxing in bed on a Saturday morning, knowing we have no work to go to – or simply unwinding with a good book – the bedroom is a key part of the home. It’s a room that deserves as much love and attention as any other.

white wood effect tiles

Stylish options, tailored for bedrooms

So what tiles would look good in a bathroom area? Bevelled metro tiles might not make such a natural transition for bathroom to bedroom. There are certainly certain types of tiles that cater better for a bedroom area. We’ve put together a Bedroom Tiles category. Here are some of our favourites:

Invite some six-sided style into your bedroom with some charming hexagon tiles. A trend that started off last year, it’s definitely here to stay! We have a great selection of striking hexagon designs to choose from. These Affaire Hexagon Tiles consist of an elaborate mis-match of eye-catching Moroccan patterns. Use them to create a statement floor or feature wall.

hexagon floor tiles

If you want to take a headboard to the extreme, create a textured feature wall behind your bed! Adding texture to your surfaces is a key trend this year. Splitface Mosaic Tiles are perfect for achieving this effect. Made from slate, they consist of strips that have been cut to different heights and thicknesses – creating a staggered, multi-levelled and layered face of stone. Graham Wood used them to create a feature wall in his bedroom and, as a result, won our #DeckTheHalls competition!

slate splitface tiles in bedroom

Another great way to create a textured feature wall in a bedroom area is to use Brick Slip Effect Tiles. If you’re researching design ideas, you may have come across the industrial trend by now – the idea of inviting style elements from olden-day factories and workhouses into the home. It’s a key trend, and brick-effect walls are a major part of it. Not only are they a pillar to the industrial trend, but they’re also warm in colour, and help to add a richness to your wall spaces. We have a great selection of Brick Slip Effect Tiles to choose from – from homely rustic cottage stone designs, through to higgledy-piggledy masonry stone effects.

Keeping on the topic of the industrial trend, whilst bricks account for the walls, it’s concrete that masters the floor spaces. We’re not suggesting that you pour concrete onto your bedroom floor. In fact, you don’t have to. We have realistic Foundry Concrete Effect Tiles; specifically designed for taking on the industrial effect.

concrete effect tiles living room sofas

Top tip: When enforcing the industrial look in a bedroom area, try introducing cinder blocks. The slots act as stow-away holders for car keys, wallets, bottles of cologne, etc.

Another major interior design trend for 2015 is the idea of inviting raw materials into your home. Or, at least, the illusion of raw materials – wood effects and stone effects. Two things we have plenty of, of course. When choosing a stone effect tile for your bedroom, it’s wise to go for a neutral colour. Creating a neutral backdrop in your room allows you to change the colour or style of your accessories at the drop of a hate, without ever clashing. These Tempest Stone Effect Tiles are fairly light in colour.

stone effect tiles

Wood effect tiles are a lot more realistic than you might think – alive with woodgrain, knots and grooves. They make for a perfect alternative to laminate flooring, which bloats and blisters when wet – or even natural wooden floorboards, which scratch easily and require treatment and maintenance. Keeping to the neutral theme, the Vintage Wood Plank Tiles in the image below have a white-washed effect.

Top Tip: Introducing the colour white to an interior setting not only makes it appear fresher, but also larger. Think about ceilings. We’ve been painting them white for centuries. Why? Because it creates the illusion of more head space.

white wood effect tiles bedroom

The opposite of neutral, these Vintage Wood Effect Tiles are perfect for bringing a rich, warm appearance to a bedroom. They consist of a striking parquet-effect design (a key look, when it comes to floors in 2015), and belong to our exclusive Louisa Charlotte Collection. Why not piece together a parquet-effect floor in your bedroom?

vintage wood effect crate tiles

Mosaics can also play a part in creating a stylish new bedroom design. Just as slate splitface tiles or brick slip effect tiles can be used to create a textured feature wall in a bedroom area, so can mosaics! Mosaic tiles can even offer a little bit of glitz and sparkle; perfect for reflecting those decorative bedroom ceiling lights! The Magic Mosaic Tile range is a great example. It consists of warm browns, and is made from 98% recycled glass, making them one of our most eco-friendly tile ranges.

warm mosaic tiles living area

Top tip: To make the most of reflective, textured tiled surfaces, make sure your ceiling lights or lamps are up to scratch, and are applying plenty of light to the tiles. It will make the results much more pleasing to the eye! We absolutely love these bare-bulb starkey lightbulb pendant from!

pendant light bulbs

For a perfect finishing touch, to add some personality to your bedroom, why not get creative with Scrabble Tiles? Spell out a name, phrase or lyric! You can either stick it on the wall, stand it up on a bookshelf, or use it as a coaster set on the bedside table!

scrabble tiles bedroom

The proposal: Taking tiles to bed

There was a time when you wouldn’t think to introduce tiles into a bedroom area. A time when tiles were just plain, cold, square things that came in black or white, and you used them to make the wall beside your shower waterproof, to stop the wallpaper from turning to mush. But times have changed. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours and – thanks to the latest HD technology – tiles now come with realistic printed effects, such as stone or wood. In fact, now, due to their robust nature, and the fact they often add value to a home, they are the preferred decorating choice.

Wallpaper is all well and good, but it fades and peels over time, whereas tiles don’t. Similarly, when it comes to the bedroom floor, carpets don’t stand the test of time, either. They got down-trodden, and stain as easy as anything. One spilled glass of wine, or a troublesome two-year-old with a felt tip pen, or a dog with muddy paws, and the carpet is ruined. You don’t have these problems with tiles! They wipe clean, and come out as good as new – time and time again.

So which tiles will you be inviting into your bedroom this season? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+.


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