Tiling has never been so easy thanks to Walls and Floors' brand new range of Smart Mosaic Tiles! These mosaics come on handy peel-and-stick sheets. They are exclusive to Walls and Floors in the UK, and are available in several different styles.


steel smart mosaic tiles kitchen splashback


Smart Mosaics can be used to create a splashback, feature wall, or focal point in any room throughout the house. They are also perfect for accessorizing furniture, such as headboards and coffee tables. They can even be cut up into strips and used as border tiles, or to frame mirrors; simply use a knife or a pair of scissors to snip through the backing!




With these peel-and-stick Smart Mosaic Tiles, you can save yourself the cost of a tiler. Updating a bathroom, kitchen or living area has never been so simple. They can be applied to cement, plastics, plasterboard, existing tiles, mirror and glass.

Natural stone Smart Mosaic Tiles, which are made from veined marble, come pre-sealed and can be used in shower areas, so long as an epoxy grout is used. Marble is a major interior design trend, and these natural stone mosaics cater for it perfectly.




Steel Smart Mosaic Tiles, which come with a characterful brushed finished, do not require grouting; making the tiling job quick, easy, and cost-effective. As well as being available in square and rectangular formats, there is also a hexagonal honeycomb design, which fits in with the popular hexagon trend. The steel tiles can be cut to shape using a firm pair of scissors or a junior hacksaw.


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Smart Mosaic Tiles use a strong, odourless, German-manufactured adhesive that is used in the automotive industry, so homeowners can have peace of mind that their tiling is secure.




Susie Holland, part of the our Creative Team, loves them! ‘They’re a smart way to style your home. They’re revolutionary mosaics that are fast and easy to apply, and they rule out the need for a tiler. You can use them to completely personalise your home at very little cost.’




Smart Mosaic Tiles cost £9.95 per sheet, with bulk discounts available. Browse the range.


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