Star Wars is big news right now, with the long-awaited sequel to Return of the Jedi arriving at cinemas later this year! May the 4th (May the 4th be with you) is international Star Wars Day, and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the saga from a galaxy far far away! To show our appreciation for George Lucas' blockbuster movie series, we've got our craft on, and have created a mosaic tile display, which will hang in the office of our marketing team from now to infinity, and beyond! (We know - that's Buzz Lightyear, not Star Wars). Here's a time-lapse video of us making it!


Create your own galaxy far far away

If you love the awe and wonder of a twinkling night sky, you'll love our Quartz Tiles! A jet black backing with pieces of quartz and specks of mirror trapped beneath the surface, they glimmer and glisten under the light! We've used them to create some Star Wars scenes. They make for a fantastic star-scape, we're sure you'll agree...


star wars toy scene


We used our Angel Travertine Tiles to create a space-like planet surface!


star wars darth vader chewbacca



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