Jenny Gibson is a talented West Yorkshire artist. She'd been called in by Stockingate Mill Junior School, who were hoping to piece together a mosaic mural in their school grounds. The idea behind the mural was to commemorate their cultural links to other countries. Here's the plan that Jenny sent across to us, with references to countries such as France and Gambia:


mosaic tile mural plan


Since maintaining the environment and up-cycling are big parts of the school ethos, it was important that the mosaics were off-cuts which would've otherwise gone to waste. So we had our pickers search high and low - collecting together every half-sheet, and sweeping up every loose mosaic piece. We heaped them all together, boxed them up, and sent them off to Jenny.


mosaic tile pieces


Jenny set to work with her army of schoolchildren; bringing to life her design, which had pride of place outside the school building.


mosaic mural school children


After several days of hard work, the mural was finally finished, and we are very impressed with the results!


mosaic mural school west yorkshire


mosaic mural school children


We're happy our mosaic tiles were put to good use, and will continue to donate our loose pieces and scrappage to community art projects throughout the UK! If you're involved with a community art project, and would like some scrap mosaic tiles, contact us at



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