Style Compliments: Country Cottage Metro Tiles

Country Cottage Metro Tiles

The Theme: Sentimental Incandescence

Take the opportunity to allow your decor to tell a story; achieve a fresh interior theme full of cool, crisp tones with a sentimental touch aiding in the creation of nostalgic warmth through an emotional connection. Think Parisian romance combined with vintage style transporting both you and your guests to an era of delicate charm and timeless beauty. If you like a rural yet elegant approach to your home decor, this is the perfect style choice for you.

Tip! Greys that have a yellow base hue will add warmth to an otherwise cool tone palette.

The Palette

Colour palette

A subdued palette made up from a mix of muted grey and blue tones sets the way for both grace and luxury. A delicate base is set for an injection of charisma and luxury style in the form of accessories; using an extra colour within your personal style approach such as a vibrant indigo or a splash of intense pink will not conflict with the overall harmony provided.

Saccharine Styling

Creating a sense of sweet nostalgia through interior styling is easily achieved in this scheme as the main focal point of the room is the free standing bath. Taking on an antiqued approach to your accessories is a must; raw materials such as wood will also aid that rustic homely feel, enhancing the feeling of warmth needed for the scheme to work cohesively with such a cool toned colour palette. It’s important that the vintage styling still appears clean and fresh; this can be intensified with bright white fluffy towels, high shine silver fixtures and fresh floral notes. When its time to relax in your sanctuary try lighting an indulgent scented candle complementing that saccharine feel found in the surroundings, this will ultimately provide an emotional connection to the interior as the desired outcome.

Make it yours:

On the Wall
Country Cottage Metro Tiles – 24.95/Sqm (Blended in a Herringbone layout: Cottage White, Cornflower Blue, Dusky Blue, Fog Grey)

On the Floor
American Ash Floor Tiles – £29.95/Sqm

Country cottage metro tiles

Furniture & Accessories

1. Tri-Fold Carriage Mirror – Graham and Green £150.00, 2.Country Water Hyacinth Log Basket – John Lewis £45.00 3. Adler Stool – John Lewis £39.00, 4. Vintage Cream Metal Jug – Dunelm £5.99, 5.Prosecco Scented Candle – John Lewis £25.00. 6. Rubberised Bamboo Bath Bridge Rack – John Lewis £39.00, 7. Cambridge White Bath – Bathstore £599.00

accessories andbath tub in bathroom

Sentimental Value:

Bring the theme together by including trinket items you have collected over the years; freshly picked flowers from your garden will add a sense of devotion and romance unlike a supermarket bouquet or pot plant.

Bottles and flowers bathroom

Tip! There are no rules to flower arranging in this handcrafted theme; sometimes less is more, sometimes over crowding gives just the right amount of colour!


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