Trend Watch is an article that Walls and Floors publishes each month; reporting on the latest trends in the world of interior designs. From popular colour schemes, through to general decorating ideas, through to favourite tiling materials. It can be hard to keep up with them all. So in this trend update, we're going to run through some of the most prominent themes from the last six months, as well as adding a few new ones! The result? A barrage of inspiration for your #DIYmonth decorating projects!


Patterns and Geometrics: Moroccan Magic

moroccan style pattern tiles


A big trend this Summer has been about inviting the glitz and glamour of Moroccan Style into your home. Alive with colour and captivating, eye-catching patterns, Moroccan Tiles continue to impress us. From the repetitive floral-esque designs, through to the random patterns thrown together in a magnificent patchwork display, there's no denying that a Moroccan scheme will bring a room to life.


Break up complex designs with simple, plain-coloured brick tiles, as shown above. Create a complimentary border to 'sign off' the powerful pattern. Alternatively, frame them with neutral shades of natural stone or stone effect, as pictured below.


meknes moroccan tiles


Six-Sided Style: The Appeal of Hexagon Tiles

Another prominent trend in 2014 is the use of Hexagon Tiles. A craze from the Victorian era revisited, these stylish six-sided beauties are popping in homes, restaurants and hotels across the UK. All over the country, home owners are desperate to create their own extravagant, exclusive period look; and these clay floor tiles are just what the doctor ordered!


black clay hexagon tiles


A popular arrangement is to create a contrasting, checkered effect using the black and white Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles, as shown below. The alternative is to invert this pattern, and focus more heavily on the white (picture a football skin). They certainly lend some vintage charm to a room:


black and white clay hexagon tiles for floor


Textured and Undulating Designs: Redefine Your Wall Spaces

Everybody hates a blank wall space. That's why hanging signs that say 'Love is all you need' have really taken off in the last year or so. But that's a half-measure. If you really want to bring a wall to life, you're going to need in on this next trend - textured tiles and undulating designs.


textured slate splitface tiles


Long gone are the days when a tile was a plain, smooth, flat thing that abided perfectly to the shape of the wall. We've moved on since then; shaken things up a bit. Now, we have staggered, multi-layered tiles that stand out from the surface of the wall - adding real definition, and completely capturing the eye.


slate wall splitface tiles


An alternative to this multi-layered, staggered approach is to adopt the undulating design; tiles that move in a fluent, wavy motion, such as these Corbello Tiles. They have a smooth, flowing, woven effect that does the exact same job - it breaks up the wall space, and makes it more stylish and interesting to look at.


undulating design corbello tiles


Undulating - Definition: To move with a smooth wave-like motion; to have a wavy form or outline. 


Bricks and Metros: Classic But Contemporary

You're about to get a miniature history lesson. Metro Tiles were introduced into the London Underground System in the early 1900s. Each station was giving its own distinctive colour combination, to help regular tube passengers recognise them; Oxford Circus, Whitechapel, Baker Street - the lot.


Now, over one hundred years later, Metro Tiles are the biggest tile trend in the world. Why? Because although they carry the obvious vintage charm, they also look incredibly contemporary. With their defined bevelled edges, bold colours, and playful sheen, they look at home in any modern kitchen or bathroom setting.


bathroom kitchen wall metro tiles


This interest in Metro Tiles has led to the creation of a whole host of different brick tiles; catering for a range of different styles. For example, for the Shabby Chic trend, there are these Rustic Metro Tiles. They have a warped, aged effect:


shabby chic rustic metro tiles


Buoys and Barnacles: The Nautical Trend

Featured heavily in the likes of Ideal Home and Living etc, this trend celebrates both the beauty of the beach, and the style/design of maritime world. This culminates in a delightful cocktail of land and sea. The base colours are blue and white; taken from the stripes of a sailor's uniform. These two colours are used in abundance. For a textured blue, simulating the roughness and unpredictability of the ocean, try our Patchwork Mosaic Tiles:


blue patchwork mosaic tiles


Once you have your background, you accessorize with nautical-themed objects: decorative beach huts, pebbles, shells, lighthouses,  seahorses, starfish, buoys, anchors, compasses and ship wheels. Bring these things together, and you'll have your very own nautical-styled, beach shack themed bathroom or bedroom; perfect for escaping to at the end of a hard day.

What do you think to these trends? Will you be inviting them into your home, this Summer? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+ or, alternatively, leave a comment below.



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