Part of our Summer of DIY series.

The #SummerOfDIY has landed! Over the next 6 weeks, we're going to help you transform your home - one room at a time. Why? To get your home ready for the hosting of a fantastic garden party on the August 31st Bank Holiday Monday! Week by week, we're going to show you the latest interior design trends and accessories for your garden, kitchen, bathroom, and living area. We'll even show you some delicious recipes. At the end of these 6 weeks, both you and your home will be ready to host the best garden party your county has ever seen!


The #SummerOfDIY calendar

So what's going to happen over the next 6 weeks? What will I be learning about, in preparation for this incredible garden party? How am I going to blow mind guests' minds away?


Week one - 20th to 26th Jul - Introduction 

This first week, we'll be introducing you to the idea of #SummerOfDIY, and getting you on board! Know somebody else who might like to get involved? Send them this link! We'll also take a look at colour schemes, and ways of decorating rooms of different shapes (see below).


Week two - 27th Jul to 2nd Aug - Getting the garden ready

In week two, we're going to show you some simple changes you can make in your garden, to help make those outdoor spaces guest-ready! The garden is where this Bank Holiday get-together will be based, after all. We're going to help you create a sociable environment outside. We'll also show you some mouth-watering BBQ recipes.


Week three - 3rd to 9th Aug - Refreshing the kitchen

It's unlikely you'll have a garden party without a few guests straying into the kitchen. When our friends come over for a coffee, the kitchen is the place where we normally stand and chat whilst the kettle boils. The kitchen is naturally the social hub of the home - therefore, it's important to get it looking fresh and stylish. We'll take you through the latest kitchen styles and accessories. Also on the menu - a recipe for healthy banana ice cream, to help cool your guests down, along with a recipe for pink lemonade.


Vintage kitchen hexagon tiles


Week Four - 10th to 16th Aug - Bringing the bathroom to life

If the drink is flowing, your guests are likely to need to nip to the loo at some point, throughout the course of the party. Don't let them be faced with a drab, dated bathroom. We'll show you how to give your bathroom areas the kiss of life - introducing Moroccan. industrial and coastal trends.


Week Five - 17th to 23rd Aug - Living areas

In the event that it starts to rain during the garden party, it's nice to know you can retreat to the living area, as a back up plan. Therefore, in week five, we'll be looking at ideas for your living areas - introducing a stylish new floor, creating a blank canvas, creating a colour scheme through the use of your accessories, etc.


Week Six - 24 to 30th Aug - Bringing Your Holiday Home With You

In the final week of #SummerOfDIY, we're going to look at ways you can bring themes from your summer holidays home with you. If you went to Morocco, you could introduce a nice Arabesque scheme into your interiors. If you went skiing in the Alps, you could introduce some nice textured whites to your wall spaces. If you went sight-seeing around Rome, you could welcome some rich Italian marbles into your home.


Getting started

Before you we get started transforming your interiors one room at a time, you might want to start thinking about what colour schemes you'd like to incorporate throughout your home. We've put together a collection of Dream Colour Schemes - colour palettes adaptable for any room. Take a look: Dream Colour Schemes.


If you've got a room that's shaped a little awkwardly, you might benefit from our 'Decorate For Any Shape' posts.