The Great British Summertime is on its way, and with it comes all those garden parties and get-togethers. The friends and family come flocking round. You don't want them to be greeted by the same familiar, tired décor as last year, do you? Bring your interiors up to date with these Summer Style Steals. We've gone through the home room by room, and have come up with ideas on how to incorporate some of 2015's hottest interior design trends. Take a look...


Add some rustic kitchen charm

Thanks to the industrial upcycle trend, bare brick walls are appearing in some of the trendiest homes, bars and restaurants across the United Kingdom. If you want to introduce the exposed brick look in your home, but have nothing to expose due to faux walls, use brick slip effect tiles! They're perfect for creating a kitchen splashback behind your sink or cooker. To complete the industrial look, use a realistic wood effect tile.


rustic kitchen splashback brick slip

brick slip tiles and wood effect


Give your entrance hallway the 'WOW' factor

Create a stylish entrance this summer with a set of encaustic effect tiles! They're all the rage, if you flick through the latest interior design magazines and listen to the tips given by interior stylists. The intricate designs will make a statement in any hallway; giving an instant 'WOW' factor, as soon as you (or your guests) walk through the door.


encaustic moroccan tiles hallway

moroccan encaustic tiles


Transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa!

Give your bathroom that refreshing, relaxing, contemporary spa-like feel by adding a bright white colour palette. Whites have instant connotations of feeling revived and rejuvenated. Even on the darkest rainy days, you'll have this bright, light sanctuary to steal away to. Use white wood effect floor tiles to create a base, with smooth gloss brick tiles on the walls.


vintage wood effect floor tiles bathroom

white wall and floor tiles


Inject some geometric glam into your kitchen

Get onboard the geometric trend that is sweeping the nation, and add some period charm to your kitchen at the same time by introducing our Olde Victorian Tiles in a Grafham B Design! They will form a stunning statement floor, and give your kitchen all the character it could ever need! To add to the vintage effect, apply brick-shaped Metro Smooth Tiles to the walls.


How to refresh your dining room

Time for a refresh in your dining area? Bring a modern appearance to your dining room by introducing a striking statement floor. Frame a block of eye-catching encaustic Moroccan tiles with some pale wood effect tiles. This will help draw the eye to the striking Arabesque focal point. Sit your table in the centre of the statement square to make it the centrepiece of the room (which, in a dining room, it should be).


statement floor moroccan dining room

moroccan floor tiles and wood effects


Divide an open plan living area

Revamp your open plan living areas this summer. Use a tile with an intricate pattern, such as our Moroccan-themed Kutlu Tiles, to zone out certain areas, whilst injecting an instant style statement! It will help to separate the areas to make them feel a little less open and a bit more personal and homely. Tie the zones together with a wood effect tile that is equally rich and warm in colour.


living room moroccan tiles



Invite the natural look into your home

Bring that rich, warm rustic feel into your home this season by introducing the natural look. Use warming beige tones, laid in a unique pattern. This will help to add interest and intrigue into the floor areas throughout your home, whilst at the same time welcoming that sought-after natural effect into your interiors - one of the major 2015 interior design trends.


natural look dining room

beige stone effect tiles


Revive your lounge this Summer

Want to bring your living room up to date this season? Use a mash-up of 2015's hottest interior design trends! Combine the upcycled metallic accessories and bare-brick walls of the industrial trend with the elegance and charm of an encaustic Moroccan patterned statement floor!


industrial trend brick slep encaustic

encaustic pattern decor tiles


Ditch the decking: Choose outdoor tiles

Creating an outdoor area you can relax in throughout the Summer, or reviving an old patio area? Decking looks nice for a month or so, but the appeal soon wears off! It's slippery and dangerous, it's expensive to buy the materials and fit it all together, and before long, it becomes covered in unsightly green gunk. Once you power wash it all off, you're left having to re-treat the wood - a long, expensive, arduous task that needs repeating once or twice a year. Anti slip tiles are a much better option when it comes to rejuvenating an outdoor area. You can get realistic wood effects or you can go for something more striking and off-the-wall, like an eye-catching Moroccan pattern.


Plank by plank: Revive your garden areas

If the crate effect design isn't for you, why not go for a more traditional plank? Our selection of Vintage Wood Plank Tiles are rectangular in shape, and have a realistic wood effect design. Available in several colour ways, there are anti slip options - perfect for using outside in a patio area - allowing you to create an outdoor living area you can relax in throughout the Summer's sunny spells.


vintage wood effect garden tiles

vintage plank tiles


Tiles in the living area: A great alternative to carpet

Choosing natural tones in a living area is a great way to add a relaxing ambience to the room. Adding wood effects and stone effects into an interior area allows us to feel closer to nature - and therefore, more at ease - which is exactly what we want in the living room. It's the place where we entertain our guests, and unwind at the end of a hard working day.

As well as adding this soothing natural influence, tiles are also a very practical choice - particularly around rooms that are bustling with guests. If you have a carpeted floor and one of your tipsy guests accidentally tips over a glass of red wine, it's game over. If you have a tiled floor, however, you can simply mop it up, and will be left with a perfect, unstained surface! They also make it easy to sweep up pet hair, and if you're prone to hay fever, you can easily wipe away the pollen particles and allergens that float in through the windows. These allergens usually lodge themselves in carpet fibres.


We hope these Summer Style Styles have inspired you, and have given you some decorating ideas to introduce into your home this season, ready for your summertime guests! If you've found therm useful, feel free to share this post with your friends!



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