Tattoo Fixers is one of the most popular shows on Channel 4. We recently provided some stylish Copper Mosaic Tiles to transform the studio of Sketch; one of the artists.

tattoo fixers sketch studio

If you haven't seen the show, the premise is very simple. If you have a tattoo you no longer want - something you got when you were drunk, the name of an ex partner, or something that's just very badly drawn - you can pop into the studio, and a member of the team will cover it over with some amazing ink work!

tattoo fixers studio

Time for a studio makeover

With the new series coming up, it was time the tattoo studios had a refresh. Enter Kate McPhee; an interior designer who has worked on projects such as the Ideal Home Room Sets 2016. She was asked to re-design Sketch's studio for the new season. She wanted to create a luxury, contemporary, Art Nouvaeu look.

tattoo fixers mosaic tiles

To inject some warmth into the room, and to catch the eye of the viewers, she wanted to add a focal point on the wall, so she came to use for some shimmering copper mosaic tiles. The Lipari Mosaic Tiles we provided have a warm copper coloured sheen, and they shimmer as you move around the room; so they're guaranteed to catch your attention! Then it was time for the finishing touches; wooden paneling, pine furniture, ladders, a buffalo skull, and framed butterfly prints.

tattoo fixers mosaic tiles

Sketch loved his new studio! It premiered on the show's Stand Up To Cancer special. Here's a scene from the charity special, starring Thomas Turgoose who plays Shaun in Channel 4's This is England!

tattoo fixers tiles

This isn't the first time we've provided tiles for the studio of a TV series, because we recently sent tiles off to the Doctor Who studio! Not to mention the gorgeous Moroccan Tiles we sent to The Alternative Kitchen; a new online cookery series from Great British Bake Off contestant Stu Henshall.

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