Terrazzo Tiles For The Bathroom- 7 Terrazzo Bathroom Ideas

The fun and quirky style of terrazzo tiles has been rising to fame within interiors in recent years, and we get the impression they’re here to stay! The well loved stone effect tiles are the perfect way to refresh an otherwise flat space, adding masses of texture and depth to any area, looking especially effective in the bathroom. Here are our top 7 terrazzo bathroom ideas to get you inspired!

1 – Fun and Vibrant

Terrazzo tiles with fun and vibrant coloured flecks make for a really interesting and exciting room. They inject a sense of life and drama, ideal for those of us looking to let our personality shine through interior design. Our Popsicle Lunar Terrazzo Tiles do this especially well, with a colour scheme that resembles ice cream. The pastel shades work great with the larger flecks, creating an incredibly unique and quirky flooring space. Used across the walls these tiles would create the ideal feature wall or the perfect splashback for your kitchen or bathroom.

Above, Popsicle Lunar Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles

2 – Dark and Moody

Using a darker terrazzo tile across your home is sure to create a much darker and moodier scheme. They are great if you’re looking for that uber-modern and contemporary look, complemented by their natural stone effect. They can introduce a sense of character to your bathroom, just like our Mars Black Terrazzo Tiles have. These beautiful tiles create a moody scheme while the flecks are still very much bright and colourful. These flecks are sure to complement any scheme in mind, making them a versatile tile you can implement across any area of the home.

Above, Mars Black Terrazzo Matt Tiles

3 – Simple and Relaxing

Creating a simpler scheme across the bathroom can introduce more of a spa-like atmosphere. This is especially effective with stone effect tiles like terrazzo. It allows us to feel at one with nature, calming the mind and relaxing the body, perfect for the bathroom! Cool neutral tones will enhance the spa vibe and create a serene space. We’ve created the ultimate relaxing bath space with our Ceppo Terrazzo Effect Tiles, using them to create a frame around the bath on both the walls and floors, making it feel as though the tiles are have cocooned the bath space. Paired with neutral browns and greens this space has the perfect calming atmosphere.

Above, Ceppo Terrazzo Effect Tiles

4 – Muted and Sophisticated

We love out neutral colours and muted shades here at Walls and Floors, and our selection of terrazzo is no exception. Using a terrazzo tile with muted fleck colours running throughout will make the whole scheme feel more natural and sophisticated. They can be paired with other neutral colours to enhance shades running throughout. Our Popsicle Earth Terrazzo Tiles are the perfect way to create an incredibly natural and elegant scheme, but still carry masses of colour and excitement throughout. They can be used with other neutral shades like browns or creams, or, like we have, paired with vibrant and exciting colours to create a lively and characterful bathroom space.

Above, Popsicle Earth Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles

5 – Hexagonal and Contemporary

For a completely unique and ultra contemporary scheme, try using terrazzo tiles that are available in a hexagonal format. They create a truly modern scheme and allow the opportunity to be unique and daring with your design scheme. Try them in funky colours to enhance the fun nature of their format. Our Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada Pink Porcelain Tiles do this perfectly, sure to let your personality shine. They are bold and daring, but their natural stone make up still create a relaxing and calming atmosphere. If pink isn’t for you, these tiles also come in a glamorous green, or a more understated grey shade, so are sure to suit every scheme.

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada Pink Porcelain Tile

6 – Marvellously Monochrome

If it’s a black and white scheme you’ve been searching for, it’s possible with terrazzo! Black and white schemes can create a bold and adventurous look, perfect for those with a daring design personality. These schemes can also look great throughout a bathroom! They create strong modernity and a contemporary style that many of us want and love. Take a look at our Mizuki™ Ink Terrazzo Effect Ceramic Tile here, creating the ideal black and white bathroom using our tiles to frame the space and create a beautiful boarder. These tiles have large white flecks running throughout, enhancing their modern look, and creating an incredibly detailed wall space.

Above, Mizuki™ Ink Terrazzo Effect Ceramic Tiles

7 – Perfectly Pink Terrazzo

It’s no secret we love our pink tiles here at Walls and Floors. We have an impressive collection of pink tiles, but we especially love pink terrazzo. They create a fun and vibrant look throughout the space, injecting so much excitement and personality. For a more clean and sophisticated bathroom scheme, try using a paler shade of pink terrazzo, but for a vibrant and bold look, we’d suggest a more intense, dark pink. Our Dollymixx Plum Blush Terrazzo Effect Tiles are the perfect in between shade, creating a traditional and easy going bathroom scheme that still packs a punch.

Above, Dollymixx Plum Blush Terrazzo Effect Tiles

There you have 7 of our top terrazzo bathroom ideas. We hope you feel inspired enough to take the plunge and redo the bathroom! We know you want to! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your projects on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love to seeing your beautiful designs!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard