Louisa Charlotte is our talented exclusive designer here at Walls and Floors. For over a year now, the Louisa Charlotte Collection has been creating stylish statements in homes across the nation! Boasting such ranges as Sologne, Cantabria and Vintage Wood, it's easy to see why it's such a hit. Now, we are very pleased to announce the arrival of a brand new member of the Louisa Charlotte Collection. Inspired by the sheer beauty of botanical gardens, the Eden Tile Collection sports powerful and eye-catching floral designs.


Louisa Charlotte

Eden: Let us tempt you...

Sleek and contemporary, the Eden Tile Collection fits perfectly into any room in the house. Whether you're creating an elegant display behind the worktop in your kitchen, adding a feature wall to your living room or bedroom, or transforming the look of your bathroom, the Eden Collection is the perfect choice for you.


So what does the Eden Collection actually consist of? Let's take a closer look...


louisa charlotte eden tiles




The Isis Tiles

The Isis Decor Tile consists of a white-on-white floral vine design that sprawls across the tile's surface. The leaves stand out from the surface of the tile, and have a glittery glazed finish around the edges. In the background, there is a glazed linear effect that catches the light, and really brings the empty space to life! They are perfect for creating a feature wall or strip!




Made to join the spaces between Isis Decor Tile feature strips, these Isis Linear Tiles have the same glazed linear effect as the background! They glisten under the light, and will definitely catch the eye of your visitors!




The Boysenberry Tiles

Taking their name and colour from the rich and vibrant boysenberry, these Boysenberry Décor Tiles consist of a hypnotic purple vine - snaking its way across the surface of the tile. The leaves stand proud of the surface, and are encrusted in a fine glittery glaze that sparkles and glistens in the light. They are perfect for bringing bland spaces to life, and reviving old, colourless walls. Use these décor tiles to create stunning feature pieces in your home - from narrow feature strips that frame the sink, through to vast feature walls that take up entire sides of the room.




Partnered with these incredible purple décor tiles are the Boysenberry Linear Tiles pictured below. With a strong and prominent purple background, they are riddled with a glazed linear design that comes to life in the light. They are perfect for tying together patches of the décor tiles.




One for the road

You didn't think we'd forget about your floors, did you? These Isis Linear Floor Tiles work perfectly with both colours. They have the same gently-glazed linear effect as the Isis Linear Tiles, and are perfect for creating a stylish and lively floor space.




So take the apple from the tree of temptation, and invite the captivating Eden Tile Collection into your home!


The Butterfly Catch

To celebrate the launch of the Eden Collection, we're giving away a trip for two, for two nights, to the Eden Project! To get involved, just take part in our Butterfly Catch. Follow clues, and track down the butterflies that are hidden throughout our site. Go and read the Butterfly Catch blog post to get started!





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