Do you need to breathe new life into your living spaces? Have you been searching for patterns to make your home décor “pop”? The perfect print combination can create the base of a fool proof interior theme, from contemporary geometrics and Moroccan influences to abstract florals and elegant nostalgic designs, take a look at our top 10 tiles, sure to add the “wow” factor to your home.


geometric pattern brick tiles


1: Geometro Wall Tiles

Combining the most popular wall tile with one of the hottest trends this year was sure to be a winner! Geometro tiles available in both grayscale and colour, provide a striking backdrop for any wall in the home; each with 16 variating designs, these tiles will create an eye catching delight for you to dazzle your guests with.
Do: Use these tiles if you’re unsure on how to mix pattern and colour – they’re fail-safe!
Don’t: Use in overkill, feature areas only – you don’t want a headache!


tangier floor tiles


2: Tangier Floor Tiles

With variations of traditional, geometric and oriental influences, this rich moody tile makes way for an exquisite design style with a beautiful edge. The deep hues of indigo mixed with white, add a bold dramatic touch to any room yet incorporate an understated elegance.
Do: Use these tiles alongside raw, exposed materials - a perfect match.
Don’t: Try to go too modern with the rest of the décor – be nostalgic.


Eden floral tiles


3: Eden Tiles

Maybe you’re a little more reserved but still want to evoke that feeling of modern luxury into your bathroom; Eden tiles make the perfect choice. These tiles capture a very graceful style by incorporating popular themes of nature and shape with subtle texture, allowing you to establish a luxurious canvas for you to accessorise as you please.
Do: Position the décor tiles so both natural and artificial light can bounce across the surface – watch as they shimmer with delight.
Don’t: Use too many décor tiles – this will take away that understated opulence that is exuded when used correctly.


Affair hexagon Moroccan tiles


4: Affaire Hexagon Tiles

These hexagon tiles are once again perfect for those who are a little uncertain within their imagination. With a choice of 4 colours each with 7 individual designs, all you need to do is pick a one. The hard work of what print and colour option works best together is already done for you; allowing you to make an exquisite statement on walls and floors within your interiors.
Do: Display an uneven honeycomb arrangement as part of a splashback or feature wall - Take advantage of the hexagonal shape.
Don’t: Be afraid of tiling an entire floor space with these embossed delights – it will look amazing!


Moroccan Maklo Tiles


5: Moresque Encaustic Naklo Tiles

If nostalgia is your thing perhaps our Naklo tiles would be the ideal choice for you. With a colourful yet weathered, geometrical design; these tiles are reminiscent of the Victorian era, perhaps even with a medieval connotations. They would give any floor area a classic edge – superb for that affluent castle appearance.
Do: Use with natural wood furnishings such as Oak – create a perfect autumn palette!
Don’t: Mix random colours into your scheme with this tile – Keep it neutral.


Harika geometric tiles


8: Harika Tiles

Inject some modernistic Moroccan charm into your interiors with these bold, vivid tiles. These tiles are great for those who may be nervous about mixing patterns, starting off with six tiles each with different size designs in the same colour palette and similar patterns you can’t go wrong; your interior design possibilities are endless.
Do: Soften prints by using sold colours – create balance in your scheme.
Don’t: Be afraid to incorporate white or other light neutrals allow the eye to take a breather from all that pattern goodness - add to the depth.


Zellij moroccan pattern tiles


7: Zellij Tiles

Made up of 26 bold designs, these high quality porcelain tiles are created using the latest in ink-jet technology allowing for a clean, crisp design across a beautiful muted palette; making them ideal for all seasons. These tiles truly are perfect for any wall or floor application within the home.
Do: Compliment a large floor area with a small feature wall such as an under cupboard space, or splashback – a complete finish.
Don’t: Go overboard with accessories, keep it minimal – Let the tiles do the talking.


Zara moroccan tiles


8: Zara Wall Tiles

Do you require a more lavish, statement approach to your home styling? Our Zara collection will transform any mundane space into spectacular, eye-catching display of opulence. These tiles featured liquid gold adornment across an ornamental design style using interweaving
floral motifs inspired by nature, with rich teal colourways - a finish fit for royalty.
Do: Accessorise with luxurious items – be extravagant.
Don’t: take away any attention from the walls – use a plain floor tile.


Moroccan pattern tiles


9: Lucy Wall Tiles

Pattern is the most evocative of decorating tools, easily transporting us to a time or a place, it has the power to create either a calming cocoon or add excitement and drama - it’s all in how you use it! Lucy Decor Tiles makes a timeless backdrop for a kitchen but when combined with the white high shine work tops and cupboards the tone is lifted, making it appear more contemporary, fresh and upbeat.
Do: Use sparingly - these tiles should be used as a piece of artwork
Don’t: try to go to modern with accessories, whilst you have the ability to make a modern appearance, it should still be grounded.


Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles


10: Estrellar

Prefer a natural appearance? Try Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles, they incorporate a life-like wood grain to aid with the realistic appearance of cuttings from light and dark wood, so when pieced together they create a stunning star pattern across your floors. Made from ceramic these tiles are more durable than natural wood, they don’t require continuous maintenance and are not marked or scratched easily.



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