The Season of Transformation is here

March is truly the Season of Transformation. It marks the end of the grey, cold and dreary winter – and gives way for the spring – a season of colour and re-birth. Bright, fresh shoots emerge through the soil, and lighten up areas that have been fairly bleak for the last six months. So in the spirit of transformation, why not give your home a little makeover this March?

The Season of Transformation – A fresh new month, a fresh new look

As the outside world begins blossom and come to life, why not invite that transformation indoors? Rejuvenate your home; brighten up those walls and floors. It doesn’t have to cost much. Tiles are the perfect way to completely transform a room without breaking your budget. They’re also much more durable than other wall or floor coverings, and can last a lifetime!

The Kitchen

After a fresh new look for the kitchen? Don’t worry – you don’t have to rip out all the units and start all over again. That would cost a fortune. Just tile or re-tile behind the worktop! We think 200×100 Metro Tiles work great in the kitchen.


Buy yourself a matching kettle, sugar/coffee/tea set and bread bin, and voilà – you’ve got yourself a fresh new kitchen! You could even add an en eye-catching splashback, to break things up a bit.


The bedroom

Fancy a change in your bedroom? Why not rip up that old, worn carpet? The one that’s trodden bare and riddled with make-up stains and sploshes of red wine. In its place, put down some stylish wood effect Buccino Tiles! They will create the perfect back-drop to your room.


The bathroom

Want to freshen up the bathroom, without replacing the toilet, sink and bathroom? No problem. Tiles are the easy solution for you! Get rid of that old, warped lino on the floor. Replace it with some trendy white Bianco Floor Tiles from our Vintage Wood Tiles range. They have an eye-catching crate effect, perfect for giving the room some character.

vintage wood tiles

As for the walls? Do away with those dated nineteen-seventies tiles with mouldy grout-lines. Replace them with some chic feature tiles from Louisa Charlotte’s brand new Eden Collection.

louisa charlotte eden tiles

Living areas

Don’t forget about the lounge and dining room. They need some TLC, too! Remove the carpets or laminate, and put some tiles down. They’re made of much tougher stuff, and will last a lot longer! We find that wood effects work best in these areas. The Oak Tiles from our selection of Rustic Wood Tiles, for instance:


The Butterfly Catch

Whilst you’re browsing through our site and putting the 10% off code to good use, why not take part in our Butterfly Catch? It’s a competition that gets you following clues, and searching for butterflies across our website. The prize is a two-night stay at the Eden Project in Cornwall – with full entry to the attraction! Come and take a look. 


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