Hey guys! Tile Guru here (your friendly neighbourhood tiling expert).

If you're introducing a new floor space into your home this season, you may want to consider introducing underfloor heating. It may work out a lot cheaper than you might think, and nothing feels more comforting and cosy underfoot! If you've got some queries about underfloor heating, check out the questions I've answered below! If they don't answer your queries, send them over to me at technicalhelp@wallsandfloors.co.uk and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Q. Can I install underfloor heating?

A. Underfloor heating can be used in almost any situation with any tile. However, every project will have different requirements for which you can contact our Technical Helpline for further advice.

Q. Do I have to use insulation boards with the underfloor heating mats?

A. No, but it is strongly recommended that you do. Without insulation, the heat from the mat will go down as well as up. Therefore a lot of the heat will be lost in your substrate. Heating the tiles to your desired temperature will take significantly longer (70 to 90 minutes) and use much more electricity to do so. With insulation, the heat is repelled upwards directly to the tiles taking only 15-30 minutes to heat, thus reducing the running costs and working more efficiently.

Q. Can I use underfloor heating on soft flooring as well as tiles?

A. Yes. For laminates, carpets and cushion flooring, a minimum of 10mm thick levelling compound must be laid on top of the heating elements before the flooring can be installed. For any soft flooring, whether it is loose laid or glued, please consult the relevant manufactures for recommendations and compatibility with an underfloor heating system before you buy.

I hope these Q and A's have answered your questions! If not, send your query over to technicalhelp@wallsandfloors.co.uk and I'll get a reply over to you as soon as I can.



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