EXTENDED: Tilers with Talent Competition 2016

Are you a tiler? If so, we want to tell you about our Tilers with Talent 2016 Competition.

We’re giving away a bundle of tools to one lucky tiler! Perfect for making those future tiling jobs that little bit easier.

To enter the competition, all you have to do is submit pictures of your Walls and Floors tiling projects to media@wallsandfloors.co.uk. You can submit as many projects as you like – so choose the jobs you’re most proud of!

The competition closes at midnight on Sunday 3rd April 2016. Winner announced the following day, Monday 4th April.

The boring bit

To be entered in this competition, your tiles must have come from Walls and Floors.

When submitting an image, please ensure you have the home owner’s permission.

Please note that by submitting images to this competition, you are agreeing that we can use them as customer project images at product level on our website, and also on social media (Facebook, twitter, Pinterest).

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