If you're new to my regular #FilmFriday posts, the premise is simple. I take one famous film, or a particular scene from it, and I create a decor scheme, to help you capture the essence of that movie in your home. Previously, we've looked at creating an exclusive, Godfather-styled gentleman's pad and we've looked at inviting a Gladiator-esque ancient Rome theme into your home. In this instalment, we're looking at one of the highest-grossing movies of all time, which turned Leonardo DiCaprio into household name: Titanic.

titanic blog ready

Released in 1997 and directed by Terminator mastermind James Cameron, Titanic chronicled the fateful voyage of a colossal passenger liner as it crossed the North Atlantic Ocean. Setting off from Southampton and destined for New York City, the liner collided with an ice berg and sank - cutting short the brief love affair between Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet). The Titanic's interiors (particularly the First Class rooms) are laden with Ritzy wooden panelling and luxury furnishings. However, we'll be concentrating on a scene based on the liner's deck; making for a gorgeous nautical / coastal decor scheme. White wood effects, rope, deck-chair-esque furniture and Navy sailor blues are the call of the day.

1) Cushions are a great way to inject a colour scheme or decor theme into an interior area, and they help to include larger furniture that you can't swap so easily, such as the sofa. This Knitted Anchor Cushion helps inject the traditional Navy pinstripe blue, whilst the anchors help to enforce the nautical theme. £12.00, John Lewis. 2) Any old life belt would help you build the coastal look in your home - but none say 'Titanic' like this Replica Life Ring. $59.50, ZStatue. 3) To help inject some nautical rope into your scheme, sit this Rope and Glass Hurricane on your dining table, windowsill, or coffee table. You can put a candle in it, or fill it with pebbles or seashells. £12.00, George. 4) To help enforce the Navy blue scheme mentioned early (famously pinstriped with white in sailor uniforms), create a kitchen splashback. a feature wall or update a fireplace using Manor House Blue Tiles. £19.95 / Sqm, Walls and Floors. 5) To recreate the Titanic's gorgeous white-washed decking, choose a white wood effect tile. Bianco Anti Slip Tiles have an interested crate effect design, and a gripping anti slip finish - making them ideal for use in bathrooms. 6) Finally, try adding furniture that reminds you of a slatty, wooden, deck-chair-esque design - such as this Dorset Wooden Folding Table. It will act as a perfect side table in a lounge, bedroom or kitchen. £136.50, Online Reality.