Mosaic tiles are a quick and easy way to refresh an interior space! Walls and Floors has its own exclusive mosaic collection: Bijou Mosaic Tiles. Here are 10 of my favourites from the range...



1) White Hexagon Matt Tiles

First up in my list are of favourites mosaics are these sleek and stylish White Hexagon Matt Tiles! Hexagons are a trending shape and it's easy to see why - the honeycomb display they create really captures the eye. Use these hexagonal mosaics to piece together a refreshing white splashback!

About mosaics: Don't worry, mosaic tiles don't come as individual pieces. That would take ages to stick in place. They actually come as sheets, with the pieces stuck to a flexible and easy-to-cut mesh backing. Tiling with mosaics is easy! 


black circular mosaic tiles


2) Black Circular Mosaic Tiles

Don't be afraid to go back to black! Dark colours have a stigma for making spaces look dingy or gloomy, but it's a growing trend amongst interior stylists to create feature walls using black tiles. Dark colours actually add a elegant and luxurious statement. I think you'll agree that the Black Circular Mosaic Tiles above actually look pretty stylish!


long brick mosaic tiles


3) Long Brick Mosaic Tiles

I love designs that break the mould. That's why I'm a fan of these Long Brick Mosaic Tiles. Square mosaics have been around for thousands of years - but this design isn't afraid to stretch things to new levels (literally). The finished result is a miniature, scaled-down take on the brick slip trend! Perfecto.


grey brick bond tiles


4) Brick Mosaic Tiles

Grey tiles go perfectly with any colour, meaning they'll look great with any accessory you put in the room. Inject colour through the choice of your accessories. Then, when you get bored, simply change the accessories! These Grey Brick Bond Mosaic Tiles look like shrunk down metro tiles.


bijour black square mosaic tiles


5) Black Square Mosaic Tiles

Once again, we come back to black! As I mentioned earlier, it's actually a very trendy tone when it comes to creating a feature wall in an interior space. However, that's not what I love above this Black Square Mosaic Tile. No - what I love about it is that it ties in with the new 'gridlines' trend.

The gridlines trend is where classic square tiles (black or white - your choice) are used with a contrasting grout to create a gridpaper effect. It makes for a simple and effective backdrop.


circular luster mosaic tiles


6) Circular Luster Tiles

Like I mentioned earlier, I love designs that break the norm. Penny shaped mosaics, for instance, such as these gorgeous Circular Luster Mosaic Tiles. But, as you can see, that's not the only unique and interesting design feature that these tiles have to offer. They also have a shimmering iridescent finish that changes colour as you move around the room. Your guests will LOVE them.


herringbone mosaic tiles


7) Herringbone Mosaic Tiles

The herringbone layout has enchanted the world of tiling for a couple of years now. It's an interesting and eye-catching pattern, and a welcome break from linear and brick bond layouts. It can be a bit fiddly to master though, which is why I love these Herringbone Mosaic Tiles - the pieces are already glued to the mesh backing in this unique pattern, so you don't have to do any extra work!


sky blue mosaic tiles


8) Sky Blue Hexagon Tiles

Once again, we come back to the trendy hexagonal shape! This time, it's in a luscious cool tone. I love these Sky Blue Hexagon Mosaic Tiles because they instantly refresh and revive an interior wall space. They even have a glossy finish to help catch the eye. Sky blue is a popular colour trend, and these mosaics are a great way of injecting it into your bathroom or kitchen.


bijou white brick mosaic tiles


9) Brick Bond Square Tiles

The brick bond pattern (which you can see in most brick walls throughout Britain) is usually reserved for brick-shaped tiles. However, these Brick Bond Square Tiles don't give a damn! They're square AND use the brick bond pattern. What are you gonna do about it? They're just different enough to catch the eye, whilst still acting as a nice gentle backdrop for your decorating scheme.


dark blue mosaic tiles


10) Circular Azure Tiles

Okay, maybe I have a circular mosaic problem - but what can I say? I really like them. I like how unique they are, and how they steal themselves away from the very square world of traditional tiles. These Circular Azure Tiles come in a trendy dusky shade - ideal for adding character to your walls.


There you have it - my low-down of favourite Bijou Mosaic Tiles. Which do you like the most? Would you have it in your home?



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