Top 10 Celebrity Bathrooms – Get the must-have look!

Introducing a new look to your bathroom this May? Let’s draw a little inspiration from the homes of some of the most stylish and influential people in the world. Here are our Top 10 Celebrity Bathrooms, with little tips of how you can create a similar effect in your home…

1) Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderic – Beach Chic

Earlier on in the year, in one of our Trend Watch articles, we touched on the ‘Shack’ trend. It’s taking bathrooms by storm on a global level. The idea of transforming your bathroom into a lightly-coloured retreat, with wooden cladding on the walls – inspired by the look of a beach hut. This is the exact look Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderic) have gone for! Using light colours on the walls to create a bright backdrop / blank canvas, they have assessorized with simple blues and silvers. You can create the same light wood effect by using our White Buccino Tiles. In the pic, you can see light blue mosaic tiles on the floor, similar to our Light Blue Anti-Slip Tiles.

celebrity bathrooms sarah jessica parker

 2) Cameron Diaz – Shabby Glitz

Appearing in Hollywood blockbusters such as Charlie’s Angels and Knight and Day, Cameron Diaz is no stranger to glamour. This is reflected in her bathroom! Here, surrounding her sink and mirror, you can see a very stylish dark-golden brick-shaped tile, with a faded, shabby-chic finish. It adds a fantastic Midas-touch feel. If you want a similar look in your home, our Nexxt Tiles are close in style. They have the same aged, weathered effect.

cameron diaz hollywood star bathroom tiles

3) Courtney Cox – Modern Medieval

A long way from Monica Geller’s cluttered bathroom in Friends, this Hollywood actress’ current restroom is a pillar of comfort and taste. Some themes hold a dark, medieval stance – such as the gothic lanterns hanging on chains, and the dak wood in the backdrop. Meanwhile, other parts of the room are rooted in modern-day luxury – with the padded suede seats, the patterned rug, and use of polished marble in the shower.

courtney cox from friends real bathroom

4) Hilary Swank – The Travertine Touch

Travertine is one of the most sought-after natural materials around. Why? Because it has such a unique look, with varied shades – ranging from the super dark to the ultra light. Travertine tiles bring a truly defined look to both walls and floors – that’s probably why P.S. I Love You star Hilary Swank has invited them into her bathroom! If you want to introduce the travertine effect into your house, we have a selection of Travertine Tiles to choose from.

hilary swank celebrity singer bathroom tiles

5) John Mayer – Honeycomb Home

The American singer, who once dated Jennifer Anniston, has invited black circular mosaics into his bathroom. Circular and hexagonal tiles are extremely popular in 2014, so why not introduce them into your home? Our Matt Black Circular Mosaic Tiles are very similar to Mayer’s!

stylish bathroom tiles of john mayer singer

6) Meg Ryan – The Victorian Approach

A lady of style, who has appeared in such rom com flicks as When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail, Meg Ryan has gone for a Victorian floor in her bathroom. The vintage monochrome border really brings the floor to life, and breaks the room up. Head over to our selection of Gosford Tiles for similar designs.

meg ryan home interior style

7) Michael Bay – Naturalistic

Michael Bay is an incredibly successful director. With three Transformers movies under his belt, and a fourth just about to be released, he is certainly living the high life! In his bathroom, he has created a place he can relax and unwind in – an escape. It perfectly captures the calming essence of nature. The floors are wood effect, and that impressive shower wall is made of stone. He has brought some greenery into the room, too – adding a fern to the shower tray, and a potted plant to the dresser. If you want to introduce a similar look into your bathroom, try our Wood Effect Tiles and Safari Stone Effect Tiles.

celebrity tiles bathroom michael bay transformers

8) Will Ferrell – Contemporary

Will Ferrell, comedy legend and star of Anchorman, has created an extremely contemporary look in his bathroom. From the cool blue wall, through to the his and hers sinks and showers. But the absolute room-stealing feature is the mosaic display in the shower. A frantic mix of thin mosaic strips. You can create a similar effect by using our Glass Brick Mosaics.


9) Pamela Anderson – Modern Magic

The actress and glamour model has an incredibly modern and stylish bathroom layout. Everything from the Swiss-esque sink housing through to the mix of strip mosaic tiles along the far wall screams contemporary. That dominating mirror with bar-lights around the edges acts at the key focal point. Want a stunning backdrop like that in your home? Check out our Astro Mosaic Tiles.


10) Kate Winslet – Cool and Collective

The star of Titanic has chosen a very light theme in her bathroom – with the walls, floors, units and fixtures all completely white. This approach certainly brightens up a room, and will bright real focus to any coloured accessories you may wish to introduce. We have a vast selection of White Tiles to choose from, if you wish to recreate this cool and calm style.


What do you think to these celebrity bathrooms? Which one was your favourite? Will you be trying to recreate any of the themes in them? Let us know via Facebooktwitter or Google+. Better still, leave a comment below!

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* Pictures courtesy of Elle Decor.



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