Top 10 Celebrity Kitchens

Looking for some fresh and interesting designs ideas for your kitchen revamp? Who better to take inspiration from than celebrities? They pay their interior designers thousands; so you can bet your bottom dollar they’re going to have the most on-trend, stylish kitchen designs! I’ve collected together a top 10 of celebrity kitchens. Better still, I’ve recommend affordable tiles to help you recreate the look in your home…

Julianne Moore Kitchen

1) Julianne Moore – Industrial Kitchen

With the factory-styled pendant lights, the concrete fireplace, the bare-brick walls and the hardy wooden floors, Juliette Moore’s kitchen has a strong industrial vibe. There are even dark blue accents; extremely on-trend! To help recreate this look in your kitchen, you’ll need two things: Old Millhouse Brick Tiles and wood effect floor tiles. The Old Millhouse Brick Tile range is perfect for creating an industrial theme; each tile contains several faux bricks, allowing you to create the illusion of an exposed brick wall. For the floor of an industrial scheme, we suggest using our Antique Wood Effect Tiles, as they contain a real blend of shades in an aged, antiqued effect.

Bruce Willis Kitchen

2) Bruce Willis – Brick Tiles Die Hard

The star of Die Hard, Sixth Sense and RED, Bruce Willis is one of the biggest A-listers on the planet. In the kitchen of his New York apartment, the walls are lined with an elongated white brick-shaped tile. Whilst brick tiles in general create a vintage look, elongated designs have a more contemporary feel – particularly unbevelled versions. Using this much white in a kitchen helps to create a feeling of freshness, which is exactly what you need when you wake up and fix your morning coffee! White tiles also help to make a room seem brighter and larger. For a similar elongated white brick tile, try our Blanco Matt Rhian Tiles.

Annie Potts Kitchen Geometric

3) Annie Potts – Creative and Colourful

You may not have heard of Annie Potts. She was in a smattering of films throughout the 80′s, and she played the secretary in both Ghostbusters movies. More recently, she voiced Bo Peep in the Toy Story movies. What struck us most about Annie Potts when it came to researching celebrity kitchens, however, is the brave but brilliant mish-mash of patterns and colours used in her kitchen. From zigzagging tiles covering the cooker hood, through to a bright green tiled splashback and checkerboard work surfaces. These zany elements work together brilliantly, and are guaranteed to steal the attention of any guest. For a similar zigzagging geometric tile, try our Fitzrovia Tiles.

Kirsten Dunst Industrial Kitchen

4) Kirsten Dunst – Industrial Meets Elegance

Kirsten Dunst was the star of the Spiderman trilogy and, most recently, appears in Season Two of Fargo. Her kitchen combines the exclusive, elegant look offered by navy-blue cupboard doors and a marble splashback with industrial elements; the bare-brick wall and the warm golden pendant lights overhead. You might not have a bare-brick wall available in your home; it may be hidden beneath layers of plaster or, if you have a timber-framed house, there may be no inner brick face at all. Not to worry – we have a fantastic selection of brick slip effect tiles; perfect for creating the illusion of a brick wall in your home, to help you recreate Kirsten’s gorgeous medley.

Celine Dion Kitchen

5) Celine Dion – More Metro Magic

The performer of Titanic’s ‘Heart Will Go On,’ Celine Dion is one of the most successful singers of all time. But what about her kitchen decor? Is it a success story, or a sinking ship? Answer: it’s extremely stylish. A splashback of elongated white metro tiles, Celine Dion’s interior stylist was obviously on the same wave length as Bruce Willis’; knowing that white brick tiles help to make a kitchen space look fresh. Whilst brick tiles themselves have connotations of a vintage, yesteryear look, elongated smooth brick tiles offer a more modern, up-to-date approach; creating the best of both worlds. On the floor tiles, Celine has a light, soft wood effect. For something similar, try our Paper Birch Wood Effect Tiles. Industrial-esque metallic pendant lights hang from the ceiling; a commonly-occurring theme in the homes of the super-stylish (and therefore well worth investing in).

Jennifer Lopez Light Kitchen

6) Jennifer Lopez – Light and Thoughtful

Another hugely successful singer, J Lo has sold over 60 million records worldwide, making her a global superstar. Take a look in her kitchen, and you’ll find another enormous offering of white. White walls, white worktop, white doors on the cupboards. As I mentioned earlier, white helps to make a room seem larger. Think about the ceiling. Stylists have painted ceilings white for centuries. Why? To create the illusion of more head room. And that’s what J Lo’s interior designer has created here – a light space with no distracting colours – an area with plenty of breathing space. Mental breathing space, that is. On the floor, a light wood effect tile has been used to add a bit of warmth into what would otherwise be a very white area. For a bit of shimmer, a stainless steel glass rack is suspended over the island.

Sarah Jessica Parker Kitchen Marble Tiles

7) Sarah Jessica Parker – Room-Defining Contrast

The star of Hocus Pocus and Sex and the City’s kitchen is based around an island, with the microwave, drawers and a fridge all crammed inside it to save space. There are a lot of light colours again, but they are off-set against darker wooden surfaces – creating a stylish, room-defining contrast. This theme of light and dark is continued with the interesting and unique pendant lights dangling down over the island. The far wall is lined in marble and acts as a luxurious feature wall; alive with grey veining draped across a fresh white backing. To create something similar, try our super-sized Carrara Marble Effect Tiles. Underfoot, uncomplicated beige porcelain floor tiles stretch away in every direction.

Will Ferrell Kitchen Art

8) Will Ferrell – A Pop of Art

One of the most refreshing men in comedy of the last decade, you would expect Will Ferrell’s home to be as lively and as charismatic as he is – and you’d be right. Sit down for breakfast in his kitchen and you wouldn’t know whether you’re in somebody’s house or an art gallery. The kitchen uses a base of white of the wall spaces, and it adds its character purely through the accessories added – the colourful canvases, the room-stealing pop art, the bright blue chairs; even the orange bowl of oranges sitting on the breakfast bar. On the floors is a light wood effect tile, reminiscent of our Sunrise Wood Tiles.

John Legend Natural Kitchen

9) John Legend – Nothing But Natural

Take a look at the kitchen of John Legend’s Los Angeles home and you’ll see one thing: Nature! Out of all the kitchen designs we’ve looked at here today, none have embraced the natural look like John Legend’s stylist. It’s not like you’re looking at a kitchen; it’s like you’re strolling through some sunny woodland. Vast surfaces are covered in light beige-coloured wood grain panelling. The chairs and stools help to enforce the natural look too, with their strong wood grain designs; not to mention the beams overhead. To cap it off, leafy branches are protruding out of a vase that sits on the breakfast bar; creating a miniature tree. The work tops are stone effect, as are the floors; helping to complete this wondrous natural marvel of a kitchen. For a similar stone effect floor tile, try our Rain Stone Effect Tiles.

Corbin Bernsen Kitchen Moroccan tiles Splashback

10) Corbin Bernsen – Moroccan Splashback

Another star you might not be familiar with, Corbin Bernsen starred in TV series LA Laws and Pysch. What drew us to him was his fantastic sense of kitchen style. Masonry jars, which are a major interior design trend, line shelves beside his cooker; containing various ingredients. He has distressed shabby chic stools, with an aged, worn look; perfect for adding age and character into the room. His overall scheme, which is white, is liven up with pops of zesty yellow; in the lemons dotted around the room, but also in the ingredients in a couple of the masonry jars, in the shade of the jugs on the top shelf, and, of course, in the focal point of the room – that Moroccan tiled splashback. We have hundreds of patterned Moroccan Tiles to choose from, to allow you to create your own room-stealing splashback.

So there you have it – a glimpse into the kitchens of some of the most celebrated celebrities in the world (and a couple of underdogs). I hope you’ve found some inspiration you can take away!


All images – Pinterest



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