Now we're into July, and the Summer holidays and spells of hot weather are on their way, it's a great time to give your home a mini makeover - in time for your Summertime guests. Every home could use a little TLC - some touching up here and there. You don't need to do anything drastic to give your home a fresh new appearance; just some new cushions on the sofa, some canvases on the wall; and some exciting new tiles.


Tiles are, of course, a brilliant and easy way to completely re-invent a wall or floor. Don't bother with vinyl, wallpaper or laminate - they fade, chip and peel. Tiles last a lifetime. In fact, because tiles are so long-lasting, they also help to improve the value of your home. Long gone are the days where tiles were plain, square and monotonous. Now, there are thousands of different designs. From wood effect, through to natural stone and stone effect, through to captivating geometric décor tiles.


Since the floor is the first thing your guests will notice as they walk through your home, in a simple decorating project, we recommend addressing the floors first. We have some great Floor Tiles up for grabs. Here are ten of the best:




1) Vintage Wood Tiles

The Louisa Charlotte Collection - a dazzling tile selection hand-picked by our exclusive in-house designer - consists of some truly inspiring designs. These Vintage Wood Tiles are a fine example of that. Arranged in a captivating parquet effect, with a realistic wood effect print, and available in a whole host of different colours, these floor tiles are perfect for bringing a fresh and contemporary floor into your home. The range even includes a few anti-slip versions - perfect for adding extra grip to those slippery bathroom floors.




2) Moresque Encaustic Effect Tiles

Over the last six months, the magic of Moroccan designs has been taking the world by storm; with striking geometric patterns emerging in the trendiest hotels, shops and restaurants. Our stunning range of Moroccan Tiles allows you to invite that winning look into your kitchen, bathroom or living room! These Moresque Encaustic Effect Tiles are perfect for transforming those dull, drab floor areas. They will bring a lively, aesthetically-pleasing appearance to old, boring spaces. And with floors as funky as these, you can afford to leave the walls naked!




3) Rustic Wood Tiles

A winner at our last Grand Designs Show, these incredibly detailed and realistic Rustic Wood Tiles are the closest thing to natural wood you're ever likely to find! For a while now, a big trend in the world of interior design has been inviting the beauty of nature into your home - bringing the outdoors indoors. These striking Rustic Wood Tiles allow you to do exactly that! They are alive with knots and crinkles - your guests will be hard-pressed to realise they're not real wood. Unlike natural wood, they don't require all the treatment and maintenance, and they don't mark anywhere near as easily.




4) Kuala Tiles

Along those same lines, natural stone is also a winning choice to invite into your home in 2014. Again, it's something that celebrates the intricate, time-grown beauty of the natural world. However, as with real wood, natural stone requires a lot of treatment, and constant on-going maintenance. That's where these gorgeous Kuala Tiles come into play. They have a highly realistic slate effect design; perfect for fooling your guests into thinking you've forked out the best part of a grand on natural stone! They have all the glitz and glamour of real stone, minus all the hard work. And, like real slate, they cater perfectly for underfloor heating - something to think about, with the winter months crawling in.




5) Vintage Wood Planks

At Walls and Floors over the last year or so, we've been noticing the trend of tiling a living area. Lots of people in the UK create one free-flowing downstairs space - binding their living room, hallway, kitchen and dining area with the same floor tile. With that in mind, we've been thinking about which tiles would look specifically good in a living area. These Vintage Wood Planks are the result of that. Consisting mostly of neutral colours, these realistic wood effect tiles create the perfect blank canvas for you to work from - applying your own accessories and furnishings. Why not create one big free-flowing floor in the downstairs of your home?




6) Otono Tiles

Marble is a very popular stone type in interior design. There's something about the delicate, free-running, branching veins draped across a marble surface that interior designers go mad for. Again, they fit in perfectly with the trend of inviting natural materials indoors, and again, natural marble requires a bit of elbow grease when it comes to applying sealants and treatments. Enter our marble effect Otono Tiles. Another realistic alternative to the real deal, it has a soft, lifelike veining effect. Available in black and white, you can create an impressive chequerboard design in your kitchen, bathroom or lounge.




7) Baked Earth Terracotta Tiles

It's natural galore here at Walls and Floors! Another natural product - and great for both the house and the garden - these Baked Earth Terracotta Tiles are made from clay. A rich orange-red in colour, they will bring a traditional, rustic feel to any floor space - creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a grand Spanish villa, where clay tiles are king. Use them throughout your home - in the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and living area. Alternatively, create a fresh, bright patio area in the garden - somewhere for you to sit and relax in the warm Summer months.




8) Quartz Tiles

Want to add some sparkle to your bathroom or kitchen floor? These Quartz Tiles are just what the interior doctor ordered. Enriched with granite, they have tiny specks of mirror trapped inside the surface of the tile; giving them a glistening, glittering finish. You'll see them in the trendiest hotels and restaurants the country has to offer. Bring that lavish, luxury look into your home. They look great in any room in the house. Bring a chic and contemporary look to your living room. Better still, have them in your entrance hall, and greet your guests with their glimmering, sparkling magic!




9) Safari Large Tiles

Another member of our stylish and sensational Louisa Charlotte Collection, these designer Safari Large Tiles make for the perfect floor covering! Large format tiles have been trending for a while now - and they don't come much larger than this. At a staggering 900x450mm, it doesn't take many to fill a large room. They have a suave, textured appearance - great for adding extra definition to those floor spaces. They take their name from the fantastic beasts you might encounter on an African Safari. The endless, dark, weathered hide of a buffalo; the shimmering grey skin of an elephant; the gruff cream casing of a white rhino.




10) Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles

The most elaborate of all our wood effect tiles, these noteworthy Estrellar Wood Effect Tiles will lend your floors a powerful new look with their strong geometric design. They're made to look like two types of wood - one light and one dark - have been lovingly crafted to fit together in a captivating pattern. The mixture of over-expanded stars and inter-weaving circles make for a sharp, stylish floor display. Bring them into your living areas, and create an instant talking point for you and your guests. With their realistic wood effect design, again they fit in with the theme of introducing the natural look into your house - a top trend in 2014.



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